Elden Ring follows the trend of the youngest fromSoftware games and is a really fast game. Although the ever-reliable evasive maneuver does his job most of the time, there are some of the toughest Elden ring bosses, which simply can not be enough. At this point, you feel the need to revive the hunter in you and replace the escape role against the fast sprint.

If you are that, then you are lucky. Such an object exists and has the form of the Elden Ring Bloodhound Step Ash of was: a mixture of the Quickstep Dash from Bloodborne and the Carthus Milking from Dark Souls. In fact, a winning combination. Fortunately, this war ash can also be used for all weapons, which means that they can zoom around with the most powerful wholesalers to their heart’s content.

So, do you want to know the Elden Ring Bloodhound Step Location? Then you can read further below.


The ELDEN RING BLOODHOUND STEP War strap can be found in the northeast of Caelid after the boss of the Night’s Calvary was killed.

It is a place and boss that would probably be found in the middle to late game by Elden Ring, but if you are brave enough to cross the hell landscape of Caelid, you may be able to catch them early.

The Kalvarienberg in question is located on a bridge north of Lenne’s Rise in the Dragonbarrow region of Caelid. Unfortunately, if you did not have the pleasure to explore Caelid, it can be a really difficult journey to get there.

When you start at the spot where the eastern edge of Limgrave cuts with Caelid, just follow the northern main path, past the map fragment and behind the Minor Erdtree. You also need to avoid a ridiculous amount of dragons and an Erdtree avatar that is penetrated by devastating scarlet red.

The pain does not listen here, because of course you have to defeat the cavalry of the night to get the war as bag of the Bloodhound Step. In order to activate the fight, you have to approach at night of the bridge, so you can expel the time the next place of grace to ensure that the boss appears. Once you are in the fight with the Nazgul-like enemy, it is best if you approach your spectral Ross Torrent, as it can be difficult to dodge the wide beatings of the bosses of the bosses.

Once you have defeated the boss, you will receive the Bloodhound Step ashes of the war, which can be applied to every weapon of your choice by talking to Hewg in the festivals of the round table or on the menu ashes of war on any place of grace Carrying. It performs the same action as the Quickstep Ash of War – which pushes the player quickly – but with additional invisibility and additional protection.

Elden Ring BLOODHOUND STEP location (quick guide)
It can be a very helpful ability to overcome difficult to avoid attacks, or one of the many elderly long-length combos from Elden Ring, which enemies have enemies, because there is not only a much longer window for the invincibility framework, but also much further away Attention.

This completes our guide to the Bloodhound Step by Elden Ring. It can be a very useful tool for many of the more difficult opponents of the game and of invaluable value for those who are eagerly reminiscent of Bloodborne. Further tips and tricks for maximizing your fighting game – with or without Bloodhound Step – find in our elden ring complete solution to miss a step.