From the release of the demo, Balan Wonderworld got… Mixed answers, to say politely. It’s a shame because the game has an engaging premise and overflows. Now the marketing team associated with another show that breathes pleasure and style: the Great British Bake-Off. The Finalist Kim-Joy has set up a fantastic cake inspired by the top hat of the main character balan and it is beautiful. She also set up a short video describing how she made the cake, so if one of you wants baker, artist or something between the two, you can try the project. If you decide to try the design, let us know. He looks really delicious.

This wonderful Wonderworld cake is actually composed of several cakes stacked on each other, coated with a generous Italian meringue butter cream and carved shaped balan top hat. The outside is covered with a layer of crumbs and wrapped in a base layer with a curved edge added to the base. A red fondant ribbon adds a color band, a wink brings a game impression and a single gold eye carefully sketched into edible paintings ends the job. Balan Wonderworld is released today, so you’re looking forward to playing it or not, you can always celebrate with this beautiful cake.

_ “It was a real pleasure to work with Square Enix to recreate the top-of-form of their character from Balan Wonderworld,” said Kim-Joy, who is also a pastry author twice. _ “The colorful characters of the game, the living world and the wide range of costumes offered me infinite possibilities of cakes. The balan top hat was not the simplest cooking process, but I am very satisfied with the final cake! _

Balan Wonderworld is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Steam.

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