Steam users’ evaluation of the Racing Wheel Operation Simulator F1 22 is not very good. This is because there are many problems that interfere with the game progress.

At 10 o’clock on the 5th, the Steam evaluation of the F1 22 is ‘complex’. Of the 3,239 evaluations, there are 1,204 negative evaluations. The biggest stake in negative evaluation is that it does not recognize many racing wheels used by players. In particular, there are many bugs that cannot use wheelbase or pedals for flagship models that are mainly used by racing game enthusiasts. In addition, problems such as input delays and bounces are also being found.

It is EA’s response that further fire to the complaints of these users. Since its launch on the 1st, users have continued to raise the same problem, but the EA has no response or action. In particular, the F1 22 has already released a champions edition that can enjoy the game three days before its launch, eight hours later than the scheduled time, and bought it from the fans who were waiting for the game. Perhaps this negative evaluation continues, the world’s highest sales rankings in the world fell from second to third.


Meanwhile, the game that pushed out F1 22 and ranked second in Steam sales was Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Like the F1 22, the game is being evaluated for complex due to the problems in the game, but it is speculated that the crew has not made a difference. In addition, ‘Sea of Beats’ has entered the chart for a long time with ninth place thanks to updates and 50% discount sales.

In the top 20, the monster Hunter Rise was still ranked 6th in the top 20, while Unsuded pushed civilization 6 on the chart with 20th place and entered the chart.