Felix Magath: Rettung oder Untergang von Hertha BSC?!
The long-smoldering conflict between investor and president has reached a new highlight at Hertha BSC. On Sunday, Lars Windhorst Werner opponent publicly attacked counterparters and challenged his deselection.

“I’m clearly against the top of the Bureau and his followers,” said Windhorst at “Image TV”. “And I’ll say that now for the first time so much after so long. It is now the highest railroad that we rip the rudder in all matters. I set how Fredi Bobic said to the positive effects of a reboot. But this We just need to restart at the top. I am very convinced of that. “

Windhorst: “I will not work with Mr. counterbauer in the future”

Hertha is a “toy” for counterbauer, WinDhorst claimed. “He has been president for over ten years, and I realized that he does not do everything to bring about the success of the association, but very strong to consolidate his own power. There are clamps and in my opinion Kungelei.”

At the general meeting in May, something had to happen, Andreas Fritzenkötter, the spokesman of Windhorst’s Tennor-Holding, had recently said. This appeal turns to the members, explained Windhorst now: “You must think about who is a good new candidate. I would support every reasonable candidate.” He himself is not available for it, he will not set up a separate counter candidate. His goal, however, is clear: the end of the counterbauer era, which began in May 2008.

“I will no longer work with Mr. counterbauer in the future,” he announced, “and therefore now with immediate effect from my office in the Advisory Council. There I will name a representative who makes it for me. Also to show me: On the one hand, I can not work with Mr. counterbauer anymore, on the other hand, I personally have no ambitions to bring me stronger in the club. “

Windhorst: “The club definitely needs new money again to survive”

It was “shocking that so much money was burned in such a short time,” said Windhorst, who has pumped 374 million euros in Hertha since his entry. “The club definitely needs new money again to survive. I think that’s a dramatic important statement.” However, for further investments, however, on counterbewer’s future: “I will certainly not invest new capital with this leadership, but I would certainly invest new capital in the first and also in the second league, if good people are also in the club’s peaks Cooperatively to pull together in a strand. “

Felix Magath on Sunday in the Hertha BSC interview: “That was a wonderful beginning”