“We’re in a bad position and have to come out as a team,” said a visibly concentrated Lukas Nmecha after the 0: 3 at Dazn and ranked after explanations for the weak appearance in the Fuggerstadt. One had not been there with second balls, had too many individual mistakes done and conceded too many goals. In other words: “We were just not good today.”

Little pleased was also Manager Jörg Schmadtke, who had a big difference between the two teams had detected. “The big difference was in the criminal rooms. On the one hand, in our sixteen-meter room we did not defend as consistently how that belongs in a Bundesliga game and, on the other hand, we had broken out, but then did not bring the ball to the man. Partly we were To be played, because it was tried to turn a pirouette again and the clarity was not searched. “

LUKAS NMECHA | All 24 Goals And Assists (2020-2021) | Welcome to Wolfsburg

In addition to lack of clarity, Schmadtke also refers to lack of intensity in the dual fights. “In the relegation fight you have to show significantly more presence.”