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[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] ‘Rollsters Y’ and ‘Guangdong Frix’ have a WCK Spring Winning Trophy and put a bout.

Riot Games’ League Obe Cell ‘IP is used for mobile game’ League of League: Wildlift ‘Korean e-Sports Pro Convention’ 2022 Week Lift Champions Korea (WCK) Spring ‘Finals’ I announced on the 22nd that he was unfolded by Roluster Y and Guangdong Prix.

For the winning team, 30 million won for prize money and the Reading team is given 2,000 won. The championship team is directly on the ‘Icons’ Group Stage, the Global Competition, the best teams that each region of the wildlife. On the 23rd of the finals on the 23rd, T1 and Team GP will play the third-party decision of the 5th three leaders, and the team that won the 3rd priesthood, and the victory, with Rollaster Y, Guangdong Prix, with the Korean Representative Icons.

Roller Y and Guangdong Prix were ranked first and second with 8 wizards and 7 wins in the 2022 WCH Spring regular league, which raised last February. Roluster Y has been victory, winning the end of the carrier rival, which is a mobile carrier rival in the 4th round, and the final set, and Guangdong Prix, I made a look at the finals.

Roluster Y was the first place to establish a standstock called WCK, a WCK, a WCK, a WCK, a WCK, a WCK, which is the first time in 2021, Rolling Y, which proved that international competitiveness, and the international competitiveness of the International Convention, and the international competitiveness of the international convention, and the international competitiveness, and the international competitiveness is also provided, I had to satisfy.

2022 WCK Spring The Roluster Y in the mediadee, which was held ahead of the opening of the spring, said heighted aspirations. After the opening of the regular league, the Rollaster Y, who was winning the winning streak, and the winning director, was braking to the rib sandbox at seven seconds, and it took the winning streak and took a win on the winner, In the last game of the regular league, the team GP to beat the team GP to 2 to 0, ranked as 8 wins and 2 losses and sets of set +13.

Rollsters Y, who won the powerful resistance of T1 in the playoffs, and Roluster Y, who won the difficulties, who won three to two, and does not show the overwhelming face as when they achieved the first championship in 2021. However, five major players have been ranked in the moment of the crisis because they have excellent individual skills, so they have been ranked nearly a year, because they have been ranked in the top of all indicators.

If you win this tournament, Roluster Y is a true superiority to swing the wildlift official competition in Korea.

Guangdong Prix is the first official tournament of 2022 WCK Spring. At the beginning of the year, the WCK Free Season Invitational, the first time in Invite, but at the time, the first time the name of Guangdong Pharmaceutical, the Naming Sponsor, the name of Guangdong Pharmaceutical, a naming sponsor.

In the WCK Spring, Guangdong Prix showed a sense of stability over expectations. Guangdong Prix, who won the T1 with 2 to 0 at the opening, and the team crescent and the rib sandbox were held and ran three consecutive streak. After the team GP was hit by GP, the Guangdong Prix, who has been danging to Roluster Y, was confirmed to advance to playoffs, and the Roluster Y in the last match of the regular league and finally finished did.

Rolling Y lanterns, the Big Mountains, a bunch of Kwangdong Prix, had a team GP to 3 to 0 in playoffs. In the case of a regular league, both the opponent who had been defeated,