If the next regular web server maintenance of Shed Ark hits the Juni upgrade on the real-time web server on June 30, 2022, we get it , among other points, with the Legions Raid Vykas on the level of problem and also difficult to do. Amazon.com Games has now released a comprehensive preview of the last game difficulty on the official website of the on the internet role-playing video game. Discover out just how you are getting ready for the challenge, just what awaits you in the circumstances and what benefits are waving.

General information concerning the Legions Raid Vykas

Focus: In Legions Raids you can not only start a new attempt with the portal space system after a clean, however likewise disturb the raid without shedding progression or benefits. A peculiarity of Legions Raids: If you effectively finish a website, you wave an incentive every time. When you choose up your incentive and also your team can make a decision whether you will certainly proceed to the next portal or not, all your portal data will certainly be saved. If you choose to wait with the continuing to be portals, you can return with the exact same or a new group until an once a week time.

According to Valtan, Vykas is the 2nd Legions Raid for the western variation of Lost Ark. In the brand-new RAID circumstances, magnificent participants of the gigure myriad await you prior to you ultimately test Legion Command Vykas in her Yard of scarlet rapture. You have to continue extremely carefully. There is no rebirth during the fight!

Vykas is once again a challenge for 8 players, with three websites (whereby you can store the progress) and also special qualities and also mechanics. You should have gotten to with your personality Topic 1 to play the typical mode , as well as 1,460 you require for the tough setting.

Various other rules for engagement

You can battle versus Valan and Vykas in a week. You can just try a difficulty degree of a legion raid per week and commander, i.e. either hard or normal.

You can take part in the Legions Raids as soon as you have actually completed the overview quest [Guide] Keep In Mind: Legions Raid. As an added action for the brand-new Vykas Raid, you need to visit the monds in the Castle Reason and the mission Secondly Spring start, in which the background of the commander of the Gewrobion is told. As quickly as you have actually opened Vykas’ Legions-Raid, you can enter it via the Legions Raid structure in the huge cities. You can likewise go into Legions Raids by means of the group finder (the sign under the minimap) or the incorporated dungeon menu. The menu opens you through the integrated dungeon symbol under the minimap or by pushing [old] + [q]
Lost Ark: The brand-new celebrity messenger abilities for the Vykas raid. Source: Amazon Gamings

the brand-new celebrity messenger abilities

In every Legions Raid you will locate star messengers that fight alongside your team and can assist you in essential moments in the fight with powerful abilities and also assaults. During the raid you fill up the celebrity carrier.
| Ninveh-Göttliche Punkunas: Ninveh fires arrows that make your opponents exactly and also cause massive damage and weak point damage. Hits can likewise partly remove bonuses made use of by the legion leader.| Inanna-zestowin’s poise: Inanna produces a powerful defense area with her magic that gives resistance against bumps, absorbed some damage endured and more. The moment the defense area is deactivated, objectives in the field of health.| Wei-Erweckter Däul: ** Wei create noisul for three mighty strikes. Awakened eggs triggers massive waist damages in every assault.

these benefits wave in the Vykas Raid

The relic sets readily available for myriad commanders-equipment NSCs require materials from both Valtans as well as Vykas’ Legions Raid to make sure that they can make a special set. Vykas’ Legions Raid brings two brand-new objects where you can have equipment made: desirable angling teeth for legendary tools and also sought after wings for relic equipment.

The end of each site in Vykas’ Legions-Raid brings gold, sought after angling teeth and also wings, relic devices and reinforcement materials. The last portal can also consist of special items such as gravure directions, card packages and also reinforcement books. In enhancement, after finishing each portal for component of the gold deserved gold, a bonuscase can be gotten which contains extra product for manufacturing and also support, devices and also capability stones.

After finishing the last portal in the Legions Raid, there is also a victim auction in which gamers can turn over quotes for extra upper bodies with production materials, inscribing, support books as well as more. In tough setting, you can anticipate also much more from these items and added desired wings. In this mode, rocks of chaos can also be gained, with which relic tools can be created or enhanced.
Lost Ark: The eye of Sauron? No, the brand-new Vykas legions raid! Resource: Amazon.com Games


Exactly how you reach the thing level for Vykas

A brand-new development occasion and the complimentary Punika Power Pass are ahead with the July update. These progression aids can be played with existing characters or with the new Arcian, who will also include this upgrade!

  • In this guide from Amazon.com Gamings, new players that want to quickly advance to the course 3 endgame web content will certainly find ideas and also methods for Tier 1 .
  • Utilize the still active Super Express occasion to quickly obtain a fresh character with degree 50 right into the animal 3 area. This event can be activated until June 30 and also the missions for the turned on personality can be finished by July 20.
  • Anybody that has actually brought a personality through the will pursuit series in class 2 can instantly bring an additional character to battle degree 50 and object degree 960 with the Feiton Power Pass. This occasion power pass is just valid till June 30th!
  • Tip number 1, if you are currently in Rate 3: After you have made the desired epic class 3 devices established from the tough mode of the Brunnen of Oreha abbey dungeons or the Argos-Ab Grund-Raid, you can Dismantle the staying manufacturing products (Orhas Empyrean or Argos’ Blood) as well as obtain large quantities of excellent leaps of honor to enhance your tools.
    They bring numerous support materials (as well as additional incentives) to match the things level of the personality that dealt with against them. Test guards are a new once a week task that differs from typical Wächter-Raids.

Finally, the author offers you a few suggestions as well as methods to get to the item degree of 1,430 that is needed for Vykas with characters.

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If the following regular server upkeep of Lost Ark hits the Juni update on the real-time server on June 30, 2022, we obtain it , among other points, with the Legions Raid Vykas on the level of trouble and difficult to do. According to Valtan, Vykas is the 2nd Legions Raid for the western variation of Lost Ark. As an added step for the brand-new Vykas Raid, you have to visit the monds in the Castle Reason and also the quest Second Spring start, in which the history of the commander of the Gewrobion is told. As soon as you have unlocked Vykas’ Legions-Raid, you can enter it through the Legions Raid structure in the huge cities. No, the new Vykas legions raid!