Skirer runners Vincent Kreizmayr From Austria has also won the Super-G at the World Cup final in the French cochevel / Meribel. He won Marco Odmatt (+0.53 seconds) and Gino Caviezel (+0.75) before the two Swiss. Fourth was the Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (+0.88), which was already a winner of the small super G-crystal ball. Kriechmayr had already triumphed on Wednesday in the exit in front of the entire World Cup winner or Matt.

The German speed drivers also disappointed in the Super-G as often in this winter. Andreas Sander landed with 2.16 seconds of residue 15th Josef Ferstl (+2,41) was dropped 19., Romed Baumann (+2,81) occupied an indiscoverable 21st place – last.

After the team event on Friday, a giant slalom as well as slalom on the program are at the World Cup final at the weekend.

Ski Alpin: Super g of the gentlemen in Courchevel – the end result at a glance

Rank Name Time
1. Vincent Kreizmayr 1: 09.43
2. Marco Odmatt +0,53
3rd Gino Caviezel +0,75
4. Aleksander Aamodt Kilde +0,88
5. James Crawford +1.02

Ski Alpin: Super g of the gentlemen in Courchevel in the live ticker for reading

Marco Odermatt (SUI) | Winner | Men's Giant Slalom | Courchevel/Meribel | FIS Alpine
Good bye!

That was the World Cup for today. The speed disciplines are now history for this winter, but it continues in the technical part. For example, the parallel slalom is on the program. Until then!

Little luck for the DSV

Selbse also applies to the German team, where once more Andreas Sander was the best runner. But only with the 15th place. Romed Baumann gets last, Josef Ferstl 19.

Kriechmayr overtakes Mayer

With his great run and victory Vincent Kreizmayr could still climb in the World Cup. He overtakes teammate Matthias Mayer, who has to settle four in the World Cup. Anyway, apart from Kriechmayr, it was not an optimal day from the OSV view.

or matt climbs!

With its strong second place Marco or mat can also secure second place in the World Cup. With the strong third place of Caviezel and three other top-ten placements of the Swiss Eidzen there is a few reason to enjoy the Swiss.

Kriechmayr wins the Super G!

Vincent Kreizmayr wins the Super G at the World Cup! With a fabelling, he refers to the two Swiss Marco Odermatt and Gino Caviezel on the places. SUPER-G World Cup winner Aleksander Kilde joins the four.

Ski Alpin: Super g of the gentlemen in Courchevel now wins in the Liveticker – Kreizmayr, DSV athletes dropped off

Christof Innerhofer (ITA)

Innerhofer completes this speed season. The Routinier, however, does not come over a 17th place today.

Blaise Giezendanner (FRA)

So far, this run came without failure, but now, however, Griezendanner arrives on the inner ski slide and crashes. However, the situation seems to be welfler..

Ski Alpin: Super G men in Courchevel now in the live ticker – also Ferstl with problems

Josef Ferstl (ger)

FERSTL is always easy for its direction changes. This runs through his run and so Ferst can end up only place in 18th place.

Travis Ganong (USA)

Ganong also ranks very far back in the field. The Canadian leaves with more than 2.7 seconds only Romed Baumann behind.

Daniel Danklmaier (AUT)

The slopes keeps getting further, which also gets Daniel Danklmaier. The Austrian even saves itself in the lower section even before a failure, but is only 16.

Dominik Paris (ITA)

However, this place now takes over Dominik Paris. The Italian, also rather in the departure home, actually starts solid, but then loses a lot of time.

Ski Alpin: Super G men in Courchevel now in the Liveticker – Sander currently 14.

Andreas Sander (GER)

It does not seem to be the day of the Germans who, of course, are not necessarily favored on the worse runway. Andreas Sander places itself on the 14th.

Stefan Rogenin (Sui)

Rogen is a bit better on the road, but does not come out even beyond place. Especially in the middle part he had left a lot.

Ski Alpin: Super G men in Courchevel now in the Liveticker – Baumann disappointed

Romed Baumann (GER)

Unfortunately, that was nothing! Romed Baumann does not find a rhythm at all and must take the red lantern at the end of the field at the end.

Raphael Haaser (AUT)

Haaser has already at the first meantime a big residue and his mixed appearance continues and so it is not enough to be more than 12th place.

Justin Murisier (Sui)

On this ninth place, Justin Murisier, who looks little satisfied while looking at the scoreboard.

Beat Feuz (SUI)

The departure specialist today has some problems today and can not really cope. He therefore does not come beyond ninth place.

Ski Alpin: Super G men in Courchevel now in the live ticker – The top 10 are in the finish

Matthieu Bailet (FRA)

Bailet is just too slow in the lower section. Nonetheless, it is enough for the French to a solid sixth place.

Marco Odmatt (SUI)

Odermatt is fast on the road! Even if it is not enough for the top, Marco Odmatt has reason to cheer. With second place he also pushes himself in the Super G-World Cup on the same.

Ryan Cochran Siegle (USA)

A place further forward is for Ryan Cochran Siegle. The American needs too long to get up with the route and loses too much time in the upper part.

Matthias Mayer (AUT)

It follows the number two in the Super G what this winter is concerned. But the Austrian does not manage today to go to his level of performance. Mayer lands only rank six.

Alexis Pinturault (FRA)

The technically strong pinturault lies this fast Super G not quite so good. Accordingly, the Frenchman also ranks only to position five.

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (NOR)

Now follows the winner of the small crystal ball. However, this can not be dominated that it can only be used in third place.

Broderick Thompson (CAN)

And Thompson comes to this bar at no time. The Canadian has big problems and ranks with more than two seconds behind the end of the field.

Vincent Kreizmayr (AUT)

Even better it makes Vincent Kreizmayr! The Austrian finds a fast line and the right degree of risk. Finally, it’s over seven tenths he has ahead. This is a real bar for the competition.

Gino Caviezel (Sui)

Good appearance of Gino Caviezel! The Swiss is very well on the move, especially in the upper section and secures the lead with three tenths.

Ski Alpin: Super G men in Courchevel now in Liveticker – Start

James Crawford (CAN)

The prelude makes James Crawford! The Canadian is brave and drives on attack from the beginning. What will be worth its time finally show the next runners.

Ski Alpin: Super G men in Courchevel now in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: Similar picture! Even with the Swiss, the view today focuses on three actors. Marco Odmatt, Beat Feuz and Stefan Rogenin are all among the best 8 Super G runners this winter and want to attack the front again today.

Before starting: Three Germans with it! The Germans are in great solid this year. With Ferst, Baumann and especially Sander, the DSV has a great opportunity to take something here, but you would also need excellence.

Before starting: A victory finish?! The Austrians show strong achievements in this winter. With Matthias Mayer, Vincent Kriechmayr and Raphael Haaser, three ÖSV starters are represented in the best 7 runners of winter. Clear that for the three today a victory is the goal, even if the small crystal ball is already safely at the Norwegian Key.

Before starting: Before the Super G degasses, the struggle for the small crystal ball is already finished. The Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Key already stands as a winner. The distance to the second Matthias Mayer is just too big – 130 points. Aamodt Kilde can therefore be considered as the best speed driver of the season, especially since he secured the departure crown yesterday.

Before starting: **** The first runner leaves the starting house at 11.30 clock.

Before starting: **** Hello and welcome to the superg of the gentlemen in Courchevel.

Ski Alpin: Super G men in Courchevel today on TV and Livestream

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Ski Alpin: The Stand in the World Cup of Gentlemen

Place | Name | Points – 1. | Marco Odmatt | 1459 2. | Aleksander Aamodt Kilde | 1100 3rd | Henrik Kristoffersen | 874 4. | Matthias Mayer | 858 5. | Beat Feuz | 794 6. | Vincent Kreizmayr | 740 7. | Dominik Paris | 662 8. | Manuel Feller | 627 9. | Lucas Braathen | 551 10. | Alexis Pinturault | 513