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Classical FPS Unreal is remastered in the same way as the first Quake? Developer CEO tweet

Stephen Kick, the CEO of Nightdive Studios, the developer of the remastered version of Quake , is interested in the remaster of the FPS Unreal released in 1998. I revealed it on my Twitter.

Kick responded to his Twitter, Why Unreal Engine is not used in Unreal. After the development of the remastered version of Quake, he reported that he had a project to remaster Unreal in the same way as Quake, with former Epic Games employee Cliff Bleszinski. I am. BLESZINSKI replied to the tweet, I can’t say anything due to legal issues.


Nightdive Studios, the remastered version of Quake, has been enhanced to the latest hardware and supports 4K resolution and wide screen. In addition, crossplay and add-on are also implemented. The day when the modern version of Unreal can be played may not be far away.

Is it a formal launch? Vampire Survivor 1.0 Version April Update

Based on an affordable price and high addictive, the ‘Vampire Survivor’, which attracted great popularity from steam based on easy game performance, it will be updated in April. Usually the 1.0 version refers to formal launch.

BIG UPDATE? This Weapon FINALLY Has An Evolution! | Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivor Maker Ponkle released the development roadmap of the game through the steam community site on the 25th. According to this, the Vampire Survivor 1.0 version ‘Arkanas’ will be released in April. In that version, a completely new item build and power creep are added. The currently scheduled 1.0 version build is equal to 24 characters, 48 weapons, 48 stores, and 20 per common map and special map, and are currently manufactured by 70%.

In addition, the maker said that the mobile version is also preparing. In fact, the vampire survivor mobile version was quite tested, but it is not easy to optimize, but the development is discontinued. The launch is expected to be after the summer replacement and improvement of performance issues.

Vampire Survivor is a retro-wind-style Logorik Top down shooting game that was released as a reservation of the steam last December. Tally, the enemies that come to the enemies that come from everywhere, and a long time is the main chores of the game. It is characterized by a combination of various skills and equipment that can be obtained through a level up or a box, and the like. It is often a good evaluation from steam gamers because it is often updated because it will not believe that it is an inexpensive price of 3,300 won.

Vers une version Classic de Wrath of the Lich King ?

In August 2019, Blizzard Relanted the original version of World of Warcraft in Classic version. Since then, World of Warcraft Classic regularly enriches historical updates of the MMORPG and June of last year, Blizzard opened servers Burning Crusade Classic integrating the contents of the first extension of the game.

Wrath of The Lich King: Classic
Does the developer plan to chain with a classic version of Wrath of the Lich King , World of Warcraft’s second extension, initially launched at the end of 2008? It seems likely and the logical extension of the operation of wow classic .

And all the more today, while players indicate on social networks that have received a Blizzard questionnaire asking them about their interest in a classic version of the next extension. We remember that it was already that Blizzard had gauged the interest of the players for the Classic version of Burning Crusade and a small year after sending the survey, the Burning Crusade Classic servers were actually deployed.
And at the same time, by examining the contents of the Burning Crusade Classic, MMO-Champion recently identified directories entitled “interface-wrath”, including some changes made to the MMORPG in particular relating to the Knight of Death, the class of hero of Wrath of the Lich King.

If Blizzard does not communicate details at this time, we imagine that a Classic version of Wrath of the Lich King is at least under study in the developer’s teams, and could be deployed in the coming months.

Where can you play among us? – Steam, Mobile, (Consoles?)

How To Play Steam Games On Your Phone - Steam Link FULL TUTORIAL
Among us is one of the most researched games recently given its recent popularity. This is because it’s a simple game to understand, but also because it is free on an available platform, everything in cheap on the other. If you are looking to enter the game and start voting to hunt others from a spaceship while eliminating the rest of the survivors, so it’s here that you can play the game.

When writing these lines, Among US is only available on two platforms. First of all, the game can be downloaded from iOS and Android devices. If you wish, you can play the game for free on your phone, but there will be advertisements. However, for $ 1.99 you can buy a version without advertising. With this version of the game, you will make sure that all friends in your hosted lobby do not have advertisements either.

The second platform you can play at Among US is Steam. It only costs $ 5 to buy the game without free version available. To play with a friend about one or the other version, host a lobby and give them the need to find the room. With the crossed game available between Steam and Mobile, and the game servers being almost always full now, it does not take too much time to get a full lobby of ten people.

People looking to play the game on their salon console can be disappointed that they are the only platforms for which it is available. However, there is hope for the future. Innersloth, the creator of the game, announced that a suite is in preparation. Well named among us 2, the game has not quite started production at the time of writing this article, so it will be necessary for a while before it strikes digital stores. There is no ad for the current game to make its way on the Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox platforms, but with the growing popularity of the game, there is a relatively decent chance that the suite can make its way. In addition, there is no ad for an expected release date or price for Among US 2.

With such a small team working to work properly Among US servers, as well as any future work on the rest, we think there is no good chance for the current game to come to the salon consoles, Although this is possible.

Prior registration started in the whole world including “Apex Legends Mobile” Japan. Skull Town and Capitol City appear in the trailer

Respawn Entertainment started pre-registration of “ Apex Legends Mobile ” on March 18, including Japan. Full Room is aiming for summer this summer. This work is a mobile device version of the popular FPS game “Apex Legends” in service for PC / console. As with the PC / console version, familiar individuality rich legends appear, and it seems to be a game that will make a hot battle in battle royal mode. A Japanese version Official Twitter account is also opened in accordance with the start of pre-registration, and trailer video is also released.

“Apex Legends” is an FPS game that is mainly released for PC / console in February 2019 than Respawn Entertainment. The player has three units, selecting a player character from the unique legends, and drop it to the map. While aligning supplies such as weapons and armor on the map, 20 units (60 total) are fierce fighting for champion units (in trio mode).

“Apex Legends Mobile” is a title produced from one of the PC / console version “Apex Legends”. It seems that UI and operability are optimized in accordance with mobile devices, and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets seems to be a game that can easily enjoy the attraction of “Apex Legends” anywhere. In addition to the appearance of familiar map legends in the PC / Console version, new legends, maps, maps, and live events are implemented in the future. The required operating environment of the official site is as follows.

Required Operating Environment
Android Device:
SOC: Snapdragon 435 / Hisilicon Kirin 650 / Mediatek Helio P20 / EXYNOS 7420
· Android 6.0
· OPEN GL 3.1 or higher
Storage: 4 GB of free space
Memory: 2 GB RAM or more

Apple Device:
· IPhone 6S or later
· OS version: 11.0 or later
· CPU: A9
Storage: 4 GB of free space
Memory: 2GB RAM or more

In addition, gameplay video was also scattered in the trailer video of the “Apex Legends Mobile” announced this time, and various information could be confirmed. First of all, the appearance legend that was reflected on the selection screen is Brad Hound / Gibraltar / Lifeline / Path Finder / Lace / Vangaror / Course Stick / Mirage / Octane.

As the appearance map, the King Scanion and Walth Edge can be confirmed. In the play video of King Scanion, Skull Town (Popular Area in the past in the PC / Console version) is capitol city (same as the current fragment waist / yeast) on the World’s edge. From these images, two maps appear to appear in the previous state before modification in the PC / console version. By the way, it is said that cross play with the PC / console version is not performed.

Hearthstone, Be Legend!
“Apex Legends Mobile” expected to release. In this work, it seems that the map before modification will be reprinted and appeared, so it is likely to be a game where you can get nostalgic and freshness for players who have already played the PC / console version. If you sign up during the pre-registration period, you can get limited items according to the number of player registrations for the next few months, so don’t forget to register.

“Apex Legends Mobile” will be delivered in basic play free (item charge) for iOS / Android.

GTA Online: Not all PS Plus users get their free GTA

Actually, GTA online has promised a thick in-game amount of money with PS plus subscription. For quite some time, it has been raining monthly money gifts worth a million GTA dollars. But many players * inside complain that they did not get their free money at all. The community can make up for a certain reason.

GTA dollar not for all PS versions

What is the problem? On Reddit, a user reports that he first logged in GTA online for the first time to pick up his reward. But after login, he realized that the monthly amount of one million GTA dollar has not been addressed to his account.

How to Claim PS PLUS : free GTA$1000000 for GTA Online in PS4 Console?

The release trailer of GTA online on PS5 you can see here:

Why did not he receive his reward? In the comments, some users clarify that the problem believes that the user has logged in with the PS5 version. The GTA dollars were actually intended for the PS4 version, because at the time of the distribution, there was not yet the PS5 version.

What can he do about it? To get the GTA dollars for the PS5 version, the user must first log in with the PS4 account and transfer the character to the PS5 version.

How to transfer your character to you can read in our Xbox Series Guide:

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more on the subject

GTA 5 & GTA Online: How to cross your characters on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S


Further information about the PS5 version of GTA 5 and GTA online at a glance:

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PS Store gives digestion

What the user probably did not do: In PS Store is clear and clear that the GTA dollars apply only to the PS4 version of GTA online. Thus, from the beginning, it was clear that the GTA dollars can not be accepted for the PS5 version.

Attention: You should decide well if you want to play on the PS4 or PS5. If your character transmits your character to the PS5 version, your score is gone on the PS4 version and you have to start from scratch. Currently it is not possible to play together between PS4 and PS5. Each version stands independently for itself, CrossSplay is not possible.

To the hard-working spares: What will you get from your GTA dollars?

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