A 17-year-old was the first to the first of the microph1. Just minutes after his completed starting part against Lewandowski, Müller or Seine, Linus Richter became the task of carrying the first estimation of the 1: 4 defeat against Bayern to the public. Brutally exhausting it had been, said the central defender at DAZN. We fought and anyone who has seen the game has noticed that everyone has gone to his limits. Since today, we can not make a reproach today. Everyone is run and played for his life.

Richter had formed after the failure of Niklas strong (middle-foying injury) together with Captain Bedrock Boat and the 19-year-old Martin Cardie formed the Berlin Triple Chain. The positive is, said coach Taycan Workout, that today we had two very, very young domestic defenders on the square that gave their best. Although, the coach clearly spoke, not always error-free. Just Cardie had not looked very happy at the 0: 1 by Corentin Polish. We have to come in front of the players, says corrupt. These are the moments from which the young players have to learn.


Workout sees only one of three building blocks

In general, one need some things that have to get together to pass against the concentrated record champion led corrupt – and called three building blocks: A good defensive work, a bit of far luck – and the moments you have to use yourself

Two of them, he realized, we did not see today, we have a little luck we had in one or the other situation. So the Favorite from Munich had left a few clear scoring chances and Bertha has long left in the game for a long time. For the other two factors for a possible favorite fall, his team could not worry. Especially with the gates, we made clear mistakes, Output said and moments like the chance of Daria to join the goal, which is also needed in such a game.

But these moments, Casket Castle, are not on our side. We will work hard for you to tilt in our direction. After the third home defeat in series he also determined: There is nothing else left.