NFT. Even if Gamer see this letter combination five meters against the wind, it runs freezing cold – or boiling hoist the neck. Then, when unstoppable anger and disappointment over this construct often designated as absolutely stupidly designated in the gamer world. NFT are such a red cloth in our industry as it was once Lootboxen and Pay2win.

And every time someone makes a misstep with NFT or associated intent, he or she harvest a lot of internet hems. See, for example, the case Justin Bieber and its bored monkey . Most of the time, stars and asterisks then quickly retreated, then if they understand that they themselves do not understand themselves, however, however, their fan base are grayed out.

Tony Hawk and Last Trick

Troy Baker NFTS
Already in December 2021, last trick, an NFT project was announced, but the project was noticed only in February 2022. Fans could not believe that skating legend and gamer-prominence Tony Hawk really involves a NFT project. Hawk is not a freshman in this earning corner – he has already launched another collection, which was sold out within minutes.

In Last Trick, Hawks Tricks Varial 5, Gymnast Plant, Magic Dance, Front Side Cab and Finger Flip should be paired in animated shape as a collection object with autograph cards. This collection is also sold out. Hawk has not responded to the negative reactions of Interwebs and his fans. For Tony Hawk his NFT business is probably something well done as a 900.

Troy Baker and Voiceverselt

Other celebrities, however, show that they would not do everything for money. Troy Baker is one of the most famous American synchronizer speakers. He has boker DeWitt from BioShock Infinite borrowed his voice and Joel from The Last of Us, he spoke Nathans Bruder Sam in Uncharted 4, Ocelot in MGS5, the English detective Conan, as well as roles in Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and One Piece taken over. In addition to Nolan North, Troy Baker is one of the most commonly booked synchronizer spokesman of the gaming industry (and, incidentally, also mentions well-audible music).

Less enthusiasm awakened Baker on January 14, 2022 with the announcement that he wanted to work with voiceverses. Voiceversoft makes animated figures with a unique voice generated by a Ki; Almost 9,000 are there and Baker’s voice would probably be fed in the KI machines. However, it did not come that far. The feedback of his fans on the announcement is so loud failed that Baker has eventually distanced itself by the cooperation.

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Exciting: Unlike Hawk, Baker, however, has dealt with the concerns and critics and reacted to it, and they did not tacitly accepted. Of course, that leaves deep look, how much value which celebrity lays on his fans – or whether they are just good enough to unbutton them money for digital NFT goods. Not that we would allow ourselves to this verdict.

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