The gestation of the survival MMO The Day Before will last 9 months more than an initially announced. In question, the desire to go to the Unreal Engine 5 and the passage of giving itself the means to meet an expectation which seems a little disproportionate.

The fact is that this title with realistic artistic direction whose few videos presented so far evoke a cross between The Last of Us and The Division is currently considered the most anticipated game on Steam, where millions of users Placed in their wishes list, in front of titles like Hollow Knight Silksong and Starfield.

Difficult to say if this classification has something scientific, any more that it can guarantee the success of a long -term game, but we can understand the pressure that is exercised on the Russian studio FNASTIC and its publisher Singapouren Mytona. Previously announced for June 21, 2022, The Day before now aims at a launch on March 1, 2023 on PC. The game will also be available later on PS5 and Xbox Series.

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Ilors that we feel and achieve the great responsibility that faces us, with immense gratitude in our hearts, we are happy to announce that The Day Before will adopt the new Unreal Engine 5 technology. The transition to a more advanced engine and Adapted to the open worlds will make the gameplay of The Day Before even more fantastic, “said the press release.