Battlefield 2042 ► Server Browser & Map Editor Could Be Coming!
EA decided to send a new survey on the inveral shooter Battlefield 2042 for some players, in which it asks them to leave reviews about the game and their opinion about future possible functions.

Some of the interesting issues were represented by the user of Reddite Sailboat08, who received an invitation to participate in the mail. He shared two screenshots on which EA asks about rental servers and a new editor for Portal, which allows to make significant changes to the gameplay and the design of the maps.

Unfortunately, although the user shared a link to this survey, but access to it is closed, and therefore other questions remain unknown.

However, as Dice Kevin Johnson, this survey and other similar ones, which are sent only to certain players, claims are not part of the “main reviews”. Therefore, do not hope much that these functions can appear in the future.