At the beginning of November 2021, KRONTON INC., the developer studio behind the shooter success PUBG: Battlegrounds the makers of Subnautica. Already in the acquisition, it was said that Unknown Worlds Entertainment , so the name of the studio, works with full force on a new title, which will appear 2022 in the Early Access .

Now the announcement had more information that draw a slightly more concrete picture. In the latest financial report of KRONSON, the investors were presented namely said early access titles, which is currently being traded under the little meaningful title Project M .

What hides behind the new game of subnautica makers?

It should be no new subnautica game , instead, instead, Unknown Worlds in a completely new direction. Project M is intended to be a round-based strategy title , which will be located in a Science Fiction World . The Early Access release is planned later this year for the PC and mobile devices .

As a premise of the game, you want to create an experience that _ “easy to learn, but hard to master” . One of Project M’s goals is also according to the financial report that _ “should be fun to watch others while playing” . This should definitely be kept streamer and Youtuber in mind to make the game of a mass as much as possible tasty.

When taking over last year, a _ “genre-defining” _ title was the speech, now one gave to create a “unique gaming experience” _. It remains exciting whether this actually succeeds. The jump from the First Person Survival Games Subnautica (Buy Now 47,89 € / 26,99 €) And Subnautica: Below Zero is not a small thing.

If it remains in the scheduled early access release during the year, we supply us unknown Worlds and KRONTON INC. Until then but certainly with more information about the unexpected genre change. However, if you are looking forward to a new Subnautica offshoot , you can also look forward to: According to a job advertisement, the studio looks for a senior programmer to build the technology for the next game in the Subnautica Universe “_.

3RD SUBNAUTICA GAME? plus unknown worlds new game!
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