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Ehicbue: all are prepared, all are hot, all are sparkling

… the situation to stand with 40 points in place 7:

It’s a lot of fun with the team, but also for the players when they run through the city. For all our opponents it is difficult to play against us.

… most recently four points against Bayer 04 and the BVB – despite many failures:

That’s a lot to us as a team. No matter who plays: all are prepared, all are hot, all are sparkling! And you also see that when I come in or Jan Thielmann or Kingsley Schindler. They always make it good. Through the many failures I got my chance. And I think I used it too.

… the problem of lack of game practice:

This is difficult. But I have to say honestly: Benno Schmitz and Kingsley do that well as the whole team makes good.

The level right rear is very high according to Ehizibue

… the reasons why he ranks behind Schmitz and Schindler as a right-back:

Because they make it good. It’s that simple. The coach has explained it that way. So I’m the third right rear defender, but if my chance comes, I’ll take her.

… the things he has to do better to outstrip the competition:

The two must make it worse (laughs…). I try everything possible.

Trainers form the team. If you see what we do, that’s the handwriting of the coach.

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Kingsley Ehizibue about Steffen Baumgart

… the meaning of coach Steffen Baumgart:

When I talk about the team, I also talk about the coach. Trainers form the team. If you see what we do in training, but also in the game, that’s the handwriting of the trainer. Great respect before the coach!

… his good mood despite residential role:

How we play this year is a lot of fun. But not all can play. But I’m healthy, have a lot of fun and the weather is nice too. And we have 40 points. You can not have a bad mood. In the last two years, the situation was difficult and a completely different.

is still “very much possible” this season

… about the chances of the FC this season:

I think it’s very much possible. We look from game to game. That’s the most important. Now the full focus is on Union Berlin. When we win, we will continue to look. So there is the coach. And so the focus is also there because we do not remember that we are so far above.

… his future:

Of course, it is difficult that I did not play a lot this season. But that’s why we take care of our summer. We play a nice season – and you want to go to the end, stay healthy and let’s see how far it still works.

1. FC Cologne plans at Anthony Modeste no quick shots

Modeste scores 2 to save Köln | FC Köln - Union Berlin 2-2 | All Goals | MD 11 – Bundesliga 21/22
Anthony Modeste is back the goal insurance of 1. FC Cologne this season. Nevertheless, behind the athletic future of the attacker is a big question mark. While the Routinian hopes for timely conversations, the responsible persons of the Rhine countries still hesitate.

With a total of 18 season holders, Anthony Modeste has a significant share of the success of the 1st FC Cologne. In the past half of the second, the 33-year-old was awarded to the As St.-Étienne and was only considered a discharge model in the cathedral city.

But since the arrival of coach Steffen Baumgart, modests bloomed in the Bundesliga club. The midstorm is currently indispensable from the first eleven. However, it is completely unclear how long modests will recover for the table sifting.

Already in the past winter transfer period, the fanblebling had a lucrative offer from Saudi Arabia. Modests decided for a whereabouts on 1 FC Cologne. At the end of the season, the change theme could become hot again. Finally, Modestes Treaty ends 2023. Consequently, the 1st FC Cologne could take a higher transfer fee for the KNIPSER in the summer last time.

“The club knows what he has to do. In the end, I need a bit of security,” modests recently demanded “picture TV” talks about his athletic future. However, the 1st FC Cologne is still hesitating with an offer for the contract extension.

1. FC Cologne fails because of modest “no pressure”

“Tony has a contract until 2023. That’s why we are in no way in the duty to make a decision at an early stage. There is no pressure, and we do not have to make any fast shots,” License Player Chef Thomas Kessler is quoted by “Picture”.

After the departure of Alexander Wehrle in the direction of VfB Stuttgart, the right contact person is missing in Cologne. The new modests chief Christian Keller starts only in April at the Geißbockheim.

But at the latest then, the Effzeh should respond to Modestes requirement. After all, the scorer made clear: “If nothing comes from FC, then I have to look somehow.”

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