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Free distribution and exciting pattern on the drug composition clicker Idle Research Steam. Pleasure of inflation that you enjoy by leaving it alone

On August 1st, the developer Cryptograph has launched Idle Research to PC (Steam/Itch.io), Android/iOS and browser (CrazyGames). The basic play is free, and it is released as an early access distribution in Steam.


IDLE RESEARCH is a so-called clicker/neglected game that produces energy by chemical comparison. The main purpose of this work is to increase energy production anyway. Players can first research and produce flask containing red drugs. The red flasks generate energy indicated by the lightning mark. In the earliest, it will be a red flask production by clicking steadily, but the road to inflation will soon begin.

If you increase the production of energy in the steady, you will unlock a frask of further colors such as orange, yellow, and green. After completing the research and producing a higher-level flask, the energy production of red flasks will increase. Furthermore, it is possible to release the automation function by throwing energy. We repeat potion production and research loops to aim for the height of energy production.

And one of the pleasures of this work is explosive inflation of new elements and energy production that will be unlocked at any time. With a certain amount of energy production, the player will be able to Prestige. If you do this, you will lose the flasks produced so far, and you will get a gold flask that brings a permanent bonus. And as you repeat the prestige, various upgrade elements were lifted. There are more and more elements that explode energy and flask production. Inflation will not stop even if the number of digits from 100 million, hundreds of millions, and the number of digits that cannot keep up with the understanding. Since the automation function is substantial, it is a work that can aim for the ultimate production volume while leaving it alone.

The development of this work is the United States-based indieveropper Cryptograms. In the past, the studio has been working on clickers/neglected games such as CryptoClickers and Compacto. Regarding CryptoClickers, there is no user evaluation in Steam, and the article is now pros and cons status. However, COMPACTO has raised the slightly popular status and evaluation, and in this work IDLE RESEARCH, 111 user reviews are currently being received, and 85 % are popular very popular status. It is likely that the development experience of the same genre has been accumulated, and the work has been steadily improved to this work. The studio seems to be Crypto/Crypto (currency) in the name, but seems to be a distance from the actual cryptocurrency and NFT blockchain technology.

This work is expected to be 2-3 months from the release as an early access distribution period. At the time of the current release, the game play stage of flask and test tube and multiple gameplay elements have been implemented. In the future early access distribution period, elements such as cylinders and planet/galaxy systems are expected to be implemented. He will also work on improving UI and user experience. It is expected that this work will continue to be provided for free even after the official release.

IDLE RESEARCH is distributed for free for PC (Steam/Itch.io), Android/iOS and browser (CrazyGames). In Itch.io, it is distributed in the Name Your Own Price method that determines the price paid by the user.

I heard a valve position on Steams 7: 3 fees

For domestic gamers, ‘Steam’ is a very close platform, but the valve Corporation that operates it is still far away. Compared to other companies that relatively frequently launches games and announce related news, there are too few news. The rumors sound everywhere, but it is inevitable that there are more questions.

Game Mecca has been presenting the Steam Deck domestic launch and visited the Valve headquarters in Seattle and has the opportunity to listen to the company’s culture, management policy, and steam policy. I met with Lawrence and Valve’s seventh-year-old engineer Pierre Loop Griffis, who have been working for 11 years at the valve.

There are many questions about the horizontal company structure unique to the valve. First of all, I would appreciate it if you answered some questions.

Q. There is a title, but it has no significant meaning except the boss and executive = no

Lawrence Miss (hereinafter referred to as Lawrence): There is no title in the first place. Only when you do a project, there is no position or position called. This is the most different part of other companies. There is only a name on the business card. Regardless of your career, you can be a representative of a project, you can be a junior, or you can work in various fields, so there is no specific title. He even does a project and does something else.

Pierre Loop Griffis (Pierre): Developers may participate in packaging design, and may have to write down press releases. After all, one person does not distinguish because he does a variety of things.

Q. If you have anything to say to the boss, Gabe Newwell, you can just go and say = Yes


Q. In order to participate in the project, an employee asks you to go directly to the project, or collect people to create a project = Yes

Lawrence: If I think it’s helpful, I can ask and participate. In some cases, they may go to the next person who is in the project, throw a one or two advice, and make a name in the project.

Q. If you don’t like it while the employee proceeds with the project, you can switch to another project = Yes



Q. It has been 25 years since the valve has been established, and what has changed so far, and what has not changed?

Pierre: There was a big change for nearly 10 years. It is that we have focused on developing hardware. I brought a lot of hardware developers from the outside, and the office also changed a lot. Not only the working space, but also the parts and experiences of visitors have changed somewhat. The company that made the game has been selling the game, and now I have made hardware. If there is only one change in the meantime, it is the fact that we are making games.

Q. What was the best thing about working for a valve?

Pierre: The best thing is that even if you do engineering, you can learn by helping other fields, not just that field. It was very good for various fields to coordinate as we combined each team.

Lawrence: It was very exciting to realize the company’s horizontal structure in the process of helping each other and working together.

Pierre: This structure takes a long time to conclude when decisions are made. This is because the opinions of each team have the same weight regardless of what they do. If this part is difficult, it may be a difficult part.

Q. There are a few negative words including Valve Time. What do you think about this?

Lawrence: I think it’s getting better in many parts. In particular, Steam Deck is making a lot of effort to communicate. In the case of ‘valve time’, after all the preparations are made and released, it will continue to be delayed. Do not make an appointment until the end of the perfect release. It’s better for consumers to get good things late, don’t prefer to receive bad things early.

** Q. Of the various platforms, Steam is steadily insisting on a 7-3 fee. There is a controversy over monopoly, and I think it will work against the competitiveness.

Pierre: Actually, it’s not completely 7 to 3. Products with high sales or profitable products are reduced. In addition, there are also many benefits provided only by Steam. It also provides marketing and language translation and free production tools. Recently, I also support creative yards and streaming services, and I think there is no big problem in the fee itself because I think it provides more than just receiving and selling games, such as creating new servers in each country.

Lawrence: I think that the accessibility has increased because of the recent steam decks. There are so many users and products, and the number of users is exceeded every year.

Q. Do you have any plans to adjust the revenue distribution structure of Steam?

** Lawrence: As mentioned above, we have a policy that already adjusts it according to profits.

Q. There are users who exploit a two-hour refund system, and many of the damage are played by short indie games. Do you want to use a policy that applies a different time to apply refund?

Pierre: We are always checking users who use it. I am also thinking about how to get rid of this problem. However, at this time, this policy is maintained by thinking that it is good for both consumers and developers.

Q. Do you know about the recent censorship of ‘ORC Massage’ in Korea? If you know, what do you think about the various porn games posted on Steam? Will you maintain the same key as it is now?

Pierre: Of course I know, and I was in contact with Korea, so I had to take such measures. Steam first prioritizes the regulations and laws of each country. Our goal is to give all the products to all users who use Steam, which can only be followed if it is not in Korean court.

Lawrence: Basically, it aims to inform and choose all games to consumers, and it is important to provide a lined filter in a game that is a tastes and problems. In fact, Steam users may not see information or games that they don’t want to know.

Q. I wonder if there is a plan to establish a branch in Korea.

Lawrence: I tried before that, but the results were not good. In fact, the way of working on the valve is very unusual. In order to maintain this method as much as possible, all employees had to be in one place. It was concluded that it would be difficult to communicate when branching was made, and it was difficult to maintain the way. Currently, all employees are working together in this building, and I will continue to do so.

Q. Recently, do you know about Korea’s deliberation regulations and autonomous deliberation regulations? If you know, do you want to join here?

Lawrence: Personally, I don’t know, but lawyers know about this and discuss how to respond.

Q. I want to ask about the game produced by the valve. Are there any games and new works that are being developed among other IPs other than Dota, such as counter strikes, portals, and half-life?

Lawrence: We are always making games, but I have nothing to say today.

Q. How is Half Life X currently being developed? Will it be a game to replace Half Life 3?

Lawrence: is the same. Obviously we make a game, but there’s nothing special.

Debut gameplay trailer RTS The Touhou Empires

Phoenixx Games announced that in 2022 it will publish the Neetpia RTS-group The Touhou Empires on PC in Steam.

The Touhou Empires is a real -time fan strategy, inspired by the Touhou universe, in which the player leads to battle familiar characters and fairies with various abilities. As expected, the games of the RTS genre, The Touhou Empires focuses on collecting resources, building buildings and collecting the army. In addition to the plot mode, the game also supports a multi-user online group for six players.

【New Touhou Project Fan Game】The Touhou Empires【Under development】

The publisher has not yet called the exact release date of The Touhou Empires, but the game’s output should take place in 2022.

Steam phenomenon: 3-euro

The small Indie-Game Vampire Survivors has developed on Steam a tangible phenomenon. But this is not just at the low price, but also at the incredibly motivating game mechanics.

Vampire Survivors: Simple, but awesome

More than 65,000 positive reviews on Steam and Fast 27,000 active players at the time of the emergence of this article – the retro survival game Vampire Survivors is a madness success!

Above all, this success has two reasons. First of all, the Indie-Game costs of developer PONCLE only 2,39 euros and secondly is the game principle simple, but ingenious .

You are looking for a game character and fought after endless hordes in different creatures. Your hero lends on record time and unleashes greater attacks that stretch the entire screen after a few minutes.

Doctors your figure, you can buy buffs with the won money, which give you an advantage at the next attempt. This is how fast develops the classic “a round is still” feel , as you become permanently powerful as a player.

The Best $3 Game on Steam? | Vampire Survivors

Easy to learn, but hard to master

In Germany, the indie-hit benefits mainly through large Youtuber how Handofblood , whose videos to Vampire Survivors reach several hundred thousand views .

But even in the English-speaking area, the survival game enjoys great popularity. So you can find on YouTube Various videos to the best tactics to survive as long as possible in the game.

Because as simple the game principle is, only with the right strategy and the matching power-ups the end boss can be defeated.

In addition, the Early Access Game is regularly updated with new content update. So even old hare will always encourage a new round to venture.

New Koop Shooter conquers the Steam

The end time is re-gripped and the Horde of the infected steam steam in stunning speed. Not without reason, the indirect new edition whates many parallels to an old games brand, which may still be well known.

Back 4 Blood is shooting through Steam ranking

Of course it s about the Zombie Hit Back 4 Blood from the developer spring of Turtle Rock Studios. The cooperative first-person shooter of the creators of the LEFT-4-Dead series made his way overnight at the top of the popularity scale on Steam and has already left well-known games like Battlefield V or Dead by Daylight.. (Source: Steam)

The shooter massacre sends you in the center of a wild war for life and death. It slips into the role from up to eight so-called cleaners and tries to turn the apocalypse full of undead of adversaries in a 4-player story campaign.

Search to the Zombie Slasher in full action:

plays as infected in back 4 blood

Whether you are concerned with the increasingly demanding missions alone or with up to three friends, you decide. In competitive multiplayer mode, you can the survivors even with one of the bloodthirsty infected infections in the narrow drive, if the meaning is after that.

Whether good or evil to become master of the situation, both sides offer special skills, which uses it to an advantage. So the bloody fight can be faster to your favor, no matter what party belongs to your grade.

Overall, the game offers four extensive file ready for you. Noteworthy is at this point the high reflection value. Since you have twice as many protagonists available as fit into a full group, you will play the shooter multiple times to find out the full storybogen. A colorful mixing of the group members is therefore in demand.

What we keep from the end-time butterfly learn in our test

Das you could have missed in recent days:

back 4 Blood [bonus uncut edition] (German packaging)

Now from 74,99 € at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 13.10.2021 11:14 o clock

The Zombie Shooter appeared on October 12 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s. Over an annual pass, the game will be supplied with new stories, playable characters and other infected malters in the coming time.

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