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We all know that the best game on PlayStation 5 to this day is the management of your storage space – it is certainly the one we spent the most time playing. Grand Theft Auto 5, which will be cheaper than expected when launching next generation consoles next week, will fly some of your SSD’s ability, the size of the file weighing 86.837 GB.

This is the preload size for the single player and GTA online mode, which is actually much smaller than the PS4 version. This weighs many more than 135 GB these days, so it is another example of the compression of the PS5 that helps reduce the overall size of the files. Of course, GTA Online is an absolutely gigantic package nowadays, covering tons of vehicles, weapons and activities.

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If you need to expand your PS5 storage space then you can find a list of best SSD PS5 via the link as well as How to install an internal PS5 SSD . At this point, with so many great games released, we recommend that you bite the ball – the library of the PS5 really exploded in the last two months, is not it?