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It is suspected that new sports will arrive at Nintendo Switch Sports

If something has been criticized _ Nintendo Switch Sports _ , it is their lack of content, since fans of the era of _ wii _ expected the addition of many activities inspired by real sports. However, not everything is lost for this early launch, this is due to an information filtration, which indicates some updates for the game.

Nintendo Switch Sports: We've Played All the NEW Sports! | Hands-on PREVIEW (Switch)

The user of _ Twitter _ , [email protected] _ , published that within the files you can find references related to Basketball and dodgeball . After this, he clarifies that it can simply be trimmed for the final product. On the other hand, it is suspected that it will reach some point in the form of a gift or in a DLC of payment, most likely.

All this filtration of _ Nintendo Switch Sports _ can have its degree of logic, since from its announcement in a live, it was admired as a potential launch to house different types of disciplines. To this is added that the company is looking forward to the increases in online subscriptions, so add more content is the step to follow.

Certainly, the game has not been so well criticized at a general level, not only in the specialized press part, but also with casual users who waited for the title as soon as it was announced. In case you want to know a little more, we leave you our review. You can also move to the _ YouTube _ , where you can find a gameplay.

The game is only available for Nintendo Switch .

CemerSportsmen can get a delay from the army

Not only to representatives of the IT industry, but also cystrofsmen must be delayed from the army. Such an initiative was the Federation of Computer Sports in Russia. This was reported to journalists by the President of the Federation Dmitry Smith.

According to him, a whole package of proposals for supporting virtual sports was developed to preserve talented gamers, which are now tremendous pressure and many are trying to lure abroad.

My 18x / Student Company FAILURE Army Special Forces Candidate

At the same time, it is not about complete exemption from military duty, but on a delay and further passage of service in a special company, when the time comes. According to the President of the Federation, in such a company, young people will be engaged in the area where the petty motor is important to bring the most benefit to the Motherland.

In addition, a proposal was launched on non-competitive selection to universities under the undergraduate programs and a specialist of those cybersports, which showed high results at international competitions.

Partnership with T1, HP Omen

e Sports specialized enterprise T1 Entertainment & Sports (T1) said that the premium gaming PC brand has established partnership with HP Omen.

Through this partnership, ‘Zeus’ Choi’s players, ‘Owners’ Moon Hyun Jun, ‘Paker’, a player, ‘Kumi Yui’ immigration player, ‘Kei’ Ryu Min-seok, and ‘Esper’ Kim Tae- It becomes the face of Omen Rule ‘.


This ‘Omit Rul’ campaign departs from the reality, the reality, which can be unfair, depending on the money, school, and appearance, and the game world, and the game world is located in the idea that it can prove itself in the same departure line. Omen defines five representative social privileges as a ‘enemy’, and to conform to the story of T1, which is proving their own, as a 5 ‘rule’.

On the first video released on the 16th, ‘Paker’ appeared as a leader, introduces the ‘first audience’ as a leader, “Inequality”, introduces the ‘first audience’, and strengthens the beginning of the campaign. Video Spirit Pacer emits a brilliant space as a background and a “gold shrink” that means social inequality to the floor. The space is back to the game in the game, and the Paker said, “There is no gold. The beginning is the same gold. “” When all of the game is played, all of them are given equally as a skill, and we can grow the message that they can grow.

A total of five “audiences” as a total of five “audiences) together with the audience and T1 players are released sequentially over two months. In addition, T1 players will be able to play a video that reviewed the product, with the emotions that played into an audience.

The ‘Paker’ is glad to attend the ‘Memorial Rule’ campaign with this partnership. He said, “I would like to have the message of the audience that only the fans prove their people to prove their people.”

FIFA 22 November Nominations of Potm of the Premier League

FIFA 22 POTM PREMIER LEAGUE November Nominees????ft. Dennis, Silva, Alexander Arnold... #POTM

EA Sports, through social networks, has revealed the nominations of Poem of the month of November of the Lisa Premier for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode. We remind you that the winner will receive a dedicated card for FUT 22, and you can redeem it by completing the Squads Creation Challenge dedicated that will probably be available in December by EA Sports. You can express your preference through the following link starting today. At the foot of the news we attach the image with the nominations. FIFA 22 is expected for October 1 to PlayStation 5, Xbox X-Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue following us also through our social networks Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

FIFA 22 Colo Colo Catholic and what other Chilean teams are in the game

The Conmebol Libertadores also called Copa Libertadores (to German Liberator Cup) is the most important South American club football competition, comparable to the European Champions League. Originally discharged from 1960 to 1964 American Cup Copa Campeones de América. By 2016, January to August wAmerican Cup played. The competition is organized by the South American Football American Cupsociation (Conmebol). From 1998 to 2016, Mexican teams also participated in it. The winner qualifies for the FIFA Club World Cup and for the upcoming Copa Libertadores, and he also opens against the winner of the Copa Sudamericana around the Recopa Sudamericana, the counterpart to the UEFA Super Cup.

EA Sports continues to surprise the world every year with the launch of its soccer simulator. This year with FIFA 22 Latin American fanatics can enjoy the most important club championship of the Southern Cone, Copa Libertadores .

Copa Libertadores. The South American Champions League. But VERY different.

By third consecutive version EA SPORTS will feature the exclusive licenses of the Copa Libertadores and the South American Cup . Thus, players can take their clubs to conquer eternal glory .

What Chilean teams will appear in this version of FIFA 22?

For now, only the participants of the 2021 edition of the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana will be present at the EA Sports simulator. That is, Catholic University, Union La Calera, AntofagAmerican Cupta, Cobble, Palestinian and Huachipato They have their template within FIFA 22.

Of course, subsequent updates will bring new income with them, this because the definition of Chilean representatives in international glAmerican Cupses for 2022 will bring the teams to the successful EA Sports game.

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