How It Used To Be ~ Lobotomy Corporation Legacy
Every Saturday 21 o’clock, PC game (Steam code) hits Game * Spark Official Twitter present plan!

This time, ProjectMoon will handle Pc (Steam) version of “Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation” will be presented by lottery!

This work is a facility operation simulation that has been strongly influenced by urban legendary share world “SCP Foundation”. The delivered is 2018 and a little long ago, but the overall rating of STEAM’s user reviews is very popular (16,511), and still the reputation is still expanding by reviewing SNS. GAME * SPARK posts a play report, so please refer to any game or those who are interested.

How to apply for a gift plan, follow the GAME * SPARK official Twitter and just retweet the appropriate tweet! Check the following for more information such as winning.

GAME * SPARK Official Winners Contacting from Twitter will provide a friend for the official STEAM account (spa kun) of GAME * SPARK, after a reply. After the friend establishment, we will send “LOBOTOMY CORPORATION | MONSTER MANAGEMENT SIMULATION” as a gift.

Details of Present Planning

  • Please follow the official Twitter (@Spark Official) of Game * SPARK, and retweet the [STEAM code present] and the deadline for applying.

  • Winners will contact you by direct email (followers who have not opened email are not elected).

  • A non-published Twitter account is not subject to winning.

  • Do not present the winners’ name, so please refrain from replying or direct mail.