Horizon Forbidden West is undoubtedly one of the largest Sony releases in 2022. Like many exclusive graphic solutions for PlayStation, Horizon is a meaningful game. Depending on which Players use players, Horizon Forbidden West can have different file sizes. That’s how much space you need for versions of Horizon Forbidden West for PS4 and PS5.

Depending on your region, Horizon Forbidden West will have a different file size: the European version takes more space than the American version.

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 File Size

  • 87.608 GB (USA)

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* 98,074 GB (EU)
* 83,797 GB (Japan)

Horizon Forbidden West PS4 File Size

  • 79,548 GB (USA)
  • 90,243 GB (EU)
  • 77,193 GB (Japan)

It is unclear why the game has incompatible file sizes depending on the location. However, Horizon Forbidden West will surely need a lot of space on your console, no matter what system you use. Be sure to cleanse the place before getting the game and try to download. Given the incredible file size, the installation of the game can take some time, especially on PS4, which is known to have a lower download speed compared to PS5.

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