TakChad Stahelskihi Doscher will be the scriptwriter of the movie of ghost of tsushima for Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions. The cinematographic adaptation of the successful new intellectual property of Sucker Punch will debut on the big screen soon. After directing and writing Only and Still, Doscher will be responsible for writing a work directed by Chad Stahelski , known by John Wick.

Writer Takashi Doscher Joins Director Cha Stahelski for Ghost of Tsushima Movie

Thus, the FEUDAL JAPAN of the late 19th century of PlayStation will see the light in the movie theaters on a date by determining surrounded by expert scholars of matter. We remember that the company 87Eleven Entertainment will produce the Ghost of Tsushima film with Stahelski, Alex Young and JChad Stahelskion Spitz Chad Stahelski directors. On behalf of PlayStation Productions we find Chad StahelskiAD QIZILBChad StahelskiH and CARTER SWAN in production work. For its part, Sucker Punch will actively participate in executive production, with Peter Kang Chad Stahelski a group supervisor.

According to his director, the reChad Stahelskion why we take so long to have news is because “we want to do things well […] so we are taking the time necessary to do it correctly.”

Ghost of tsushima is available at PlayStation 4 and PS5 under the Director’s Cut edition. The title wChad Stahelski an absolute success in sales with more than 8 million units sold and, Chad Stahelski suggesting Sucker Punch job offers, study in charge of development, everything points to a possible sequel to the title.

PlayStation and your plan of 10 adaptations to cinema and television

It wChad Stahelski at the end of December when we met Sony Pictures plans in the audiovisual world with PlayStation licenses. Under the editorial seal of PlayStation Productions , Sony Pictures Director General, Tony Vinccinra, explained that the company wChad Stahelski preparing 7 television series and 3 film-bChad Stahelskied film-bChad Stahelskied films.

From the newly releChad Stahelskied film of uncharted starring the young British actor Tom Holland (Peter Parker / Spider-Man in Marvel’s cinematographic universe); The series of The LChad Stahelskit of US for HBO and another series bChad Stahelskied on Twisted Metal .