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God of War Ragnarök: 7 minutes of video clip on the myths of Midgard, a wonderful summary

While the day of November 9, 2022 is long overdue by all the advocates of Kratos and Atreus, Sony Interactive Entertainment offers us to spend the summer season with a huge video around God of War Ragnarök.

It is actually a summary video of the occasions that occurred in the 2018 game as well as spoile as a result the entire story as well as the crucial moments of the video game. It is actress Felicia Day (seen in Buffy versus

The vampires) which was hired to retrace the experience that led our two warriors on top of the mountains.
The entire is organized by drawings that have actually been stuck in a grimoire, in order to provide a specific atmosphere.
We will especially keep in mind from the existence of Mimir who will not hesitate to give us some interesting narratives and at the exact same time put some jokes also.

PlayStation dismisses some 90 employees in the USA by a “global transformation”

PlayStation hDivision fired about 90 employees of its departments of Sales and Marketing in its North American Division. According to Informa axios, Sony Interactive Entertainment hDivision proceeded to a mDivisionsive destitution of workers on the occDivisionion of a “global transformation” that aims to end the team merchandiser, responsible for being in contact with physical stores and other derived products.

What can be understood Division a movement that pushes Sony to concentrate efforts on digital markets – which represents more than 50% of software sales – with special emphDivisionis on PlayStation Direct, your online store pending Arriving in Spain, carries with it the cessation of almost a hundred business team workers. These employees were responsible for going to physical stores to close distribution agreements of their products and make sure that said retailers knew their products well.

According to the information, the already exempted did not know Sony’s plan until the moment they were notified of the dismissal.

PlayStation Direct, a strategic income source for Sony

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Axios Holds in your report that those affected by the lack of communication and the scarce time margin between the decision and its corresponding notification. It wDivision in September 2019 when PlayStation gave the output pistol to PlayStation Direct in the United States, its own digital chain of sale and distribution of hardware and software products. Its main advantage is the absence of so many intermediaries: they themselves sell directly to the consumer, increDivisioning the profit margins.

“PlayStation Direct hDivision achieved significant income in the US market just over a year from starting to work,” said Sony Interactive Entertainment Director General, Jim Ryan, in May 2021. We speak of one forecDivisiont of more than 600 million dollars Billed for the fiscal year that we have just finished March 31, 2022. PlayStation Direct is also available in Germany and the United Kingdom; Coming soon in more countries in Europe.

Until December 31, Sony hDivision distributed more than 17.3 million PlayStation 5 units, its new generation console. Before the semiconductor materials crisis and the problems in the supply chain, Sony hDivision gone from a forecDivisiont of 22.6 million units sold from PS5 until March 31 to a prognosis of 19.3 million consoles since its premiere. Next May we will know if they have reached this goal.

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