At the time of developing Aiden’s character in Dying Light 2: Stay Human there are different points to consider: if we exercise combat, we will win combat points; And likewise, if we show skill with the Parkour, we will add points on that branch. Basically, as happened with the first Dying Light.

Now, for Increase life or resistance Aiden We will need a series of inhibitors ** that are not so easily located, unless we resort to the UPS research centers, which are visible with binoculars to Hundred meters away and each one assures us the whopping of four inhibitors of blow and porrazo. And it can be said that with three points we already upload health or resistance.

Center for the study of the IV phase of the THV

In one of the first missions of history you will be pushed in a hospital with Hakon, thanks to which you will get three inhibitors to enhance your resistance. This mission is easy. Nothing to do with the UPS research centers, partly because they are safer places if you go at night, by less infected inside it. But of course, abroad there are more dangers… What is a Dying Light

The fact is that there are six buildings of this type and the first one you have it in the initial region of Houndfield. And in all these buildings there are always four inhibitors hidden in three different trunks. Therefore, in one of the trunks you will take two blow inhibitors. You just need to go with caution and the rest is rolled.

Genomic Thv Center

How to get inhibitors Dying light 2 (HOW TO FARM INHIBITORS)
The second center is at the southern tip of the Horseshoe region and if you look at you here you get less experience for combat and Parkour, but that does not matter.

GRE vaccine laboratory

For the third research center you will have to travel to the territory Land of Nobody , with the most advanced history. And right in the center of “El Centro”, worth redundancy. Do not forget, in any case, the sense of survival of Aiden.

Experimental Gre Research

For the room you should go more to the east, between New Dawn Park and the dock .


Go to the tip of the territory, on the island of San Pablo . And enjoy the views.

Advanced THV assistance

The last center is at the northern end of Lower Dam Ayre, west of the (not so idyllic) island of San Pablo. And it is where more dangers you will find… although also where more experience you will get, both for your health and for resistance.

Do you mean that you can only get 24 inhibitors in total? No, there are other methods and the figure is much higher: 126 in total. But this kind of buildings put you at a succulent amount of start and with free experience.