Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga is available this April 5, 2022 on all platforms and, although Let us wait a little longer for the PC version in Steam , a new launch trailer has just been launched. The opportunity to meet with legendary moments of the saga, and even live fragments of scenes of the nine films in the saga.

Experience the Saga Star Wars with humor and shocking graphics

The Lego touch has returned and, in addition to presenting cute scenes of the revisited films with humor, The Skywalker Saga has also received stunning Visual improvements . As we said in our analysis, it reaches a level never before equal for a LEGO game and we hope that all these advances are resumed for upcoming adaptations. Gameplay has also been renovated offering a very dynamic combat system, original levels and slightly redundant, but above all a gigantic open world composed of thousands of additional activities to perform.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - 10 Things The Game Doesn't Tell You

One of the best cooperative games

Once you have finished it takes two or guess your umpteenth race of Mario Kart 8 , you find yourself a bit helpless: What cooperative game can I play? Recognized by its well-designed multiplayer mode, Traveler’s Tales is back with The Skywalker Saga to offer you one of the best local cooperatives that may exist in the world of video games.

Very fluid, the screen may be broken into two so that each one does what you have to do on your side, such as merging so that the fighting, among other things, are dynamic. Although there is no online multiplayer mode available , local cooperative experience remains one of the best virtues of adventure.

a huge life

Whoever says LEGO game necessarily says a colossal amount of characters and other objects to collect. To complete all your trophies, you will have to concentrate on Kyber bricks, mini-kits or even datacards, but also talk with the hundreds of NPCs available in the open world and complete its secondary missions. Arriving at 100% is very long but that is what we like. In addition, some trick codes can allow you to get additional characters and boats, so do not hesitate.