RUNE FACTORY 5 is a charming mixture of farming and role-playing simulator. You will need to manage your farm, lay your way through the dungeons and find love to experience everything that can offer RUNE Factory 5. How much freedom do you have in the game, and can you set up your character?

The main characters of RUNE Factory 5: already installed, and there is no possibility to change them. You can choose between two main characters, Alice or Ares . No matter who you choose, you will have the same choice and gaming experience.

This is due to the fact that RUNE FACTORY 5 pays great attention to the plot and animated videos throughout the game. Although you cannot change the appearance of Alice and Ares, the story and beautiful animation is more than makeup for the static main character.

Rune Factory 5 All Outfits/Clothing! Main Characters Only!

If you are looking for a farm simulator in the same spirit, but with customerization of the character, you can play Valley of Starty or History of the seasons: Pioneers of the Olive City .

To learn more about RUNE FACTORY 5, read the section where to buy Rune Factory 5: Standard and Earthmate Edition in the game manuals for professionals!