Valve announced on April 29 that the sale event at Steam, “Rogue: Indomitable Festival,” will be held from May 2 to 9 (Pacific Time). In this sale, rogue games and rogue light games are eligible. It is a familiar genre, but some people may find it complicated to what kind of work it refers to and what is the difference. So Valve is giving a commentary.

Roglike is a genre that indicates a work that has an element of the 1980 dungeon search RPG “Rogue” released in 1980, which means “like a rogue.” One of the strict definitions is the “Berlin Interpretation” presented at the International Roguelike Development Conference held in 2008, which is as follows.

The Valve Games Iceberg Explained
・ Random map generation
** ・ Permades

・ Turn -based combat
・ Grid movement
・ Complexity that can have multiple strategy methods
・ Non -modal (all actions can be executed at any time)
・ Resource management
・ Hack and slash combat **

There is no doubt that a game with all these is a rogue game. However, in games that are actually sold, only some elements are introduced and often claimed to be rogue games. For example, the map is generated randomly, but you can carry over items even if you die. While there are pros and cons of calling these works as roglike, the Rogue Light was born in a genre that incorporated the elements of rogue -like into lights (loose).

Valve states that recent games are strictly rogue light, but rogue -like is used as a comprehensive term. He also mentions that they all love everything equally. It doesn’t seem to want a strict genre from developers. As a matter of fact, how to distinguish between roglic and rogue lights is for developers and users. However, as there are many games in Steam tags, it is meaningful that Valve has expressed commentary and stance from Valve.

In the sale this time, it seems that soul -like games and metroidvania games are also eligible. Soul Like originated from “Demon’s Souls” and “Dark Souls”, and Metroidvania is a work that combines elements of “Metroid” and “Demon Castle Dracula”. Like Roglike, it is a genre born of a specific game, and Valve briefly explains these components. See the blog page for details.

The sale event at Steam, “Rogue: Indomitable Festival”, will be held from May 2 to 9 (Pacific Time). The special page has already been listed on the target title, so it is a good idea to keep the work you are interested in in your wish list.