Red Dead Redemption series fans of Rockstar Games have felt somewhat worried following a new rumor that has been circulating. Last week, an expert in video games declared that the new remastering not onlyDead -Red Destiny but alsoDead Dead Red 2_ will be launched at some point in the future. And while this would seem only good news at first glance, Rockstar fans have a remarkable concern about how this situation could develop.

In summary, the only repair that several fans have with these possible remastering Red Dead Redemption comes from the study that is developing them. At this time, it is not known whether Rockstar would work on these remastering ones or if, instead, an external study would do so. However, if Rockstar ends up this project to another company, this is where fans would be worried about the state of these next -generation Red Dead titles.

So why someone who is not Rockstar, who works in remastering of Red Dead Redemption, would he raise a red flag? Well, during the past year, many Rockstar fans enjoyed some reasterizers less than Grand Theft Auto Trilogy stellar. Specifically, Grand Theft Auto: The trilogy – The final edition was launched at the end of 2021 and was a disaster in many ways to count. It should be noted that this version of grand Theft Auto: The trilogy was not developed by Rockstar Games, but by an external study known as Grove Street Games. Although this project in a general sense was still supervised by Rockstar, several fans pointed out the poor quality of grand Theft Auto: the trilogy – the final edition due to the fact that Rockstar himself did not create this remaster.

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So, with all this in mind, Rockstar fans essentially expect the new versions of the previous Red Dead Redemption games not to be victims of the same mediocre caliber that was seen with grand Theft Auto: the trilogy. And although it is still too early to be pessimistic about these remastering ones (after all, we don’t even know if they really exist), it is definitely something to take into account as we advance.

Are you someone who wants to see both?Red Dead Conencia_ and Red Dead Convention 2 Be remastered for modern platforms? And if so, do you also expect Rockstar to be the developer behind each game? Let me know your own thoughts about this situation in the comments or send me a message on Twitter to @Mooreman12.