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Creators of The Big Bang Theory talk about a possible return

One of the series that shook pop culture was The Big Bang Theory, which had its respective final, with a conclusion for the Nerds group that were the icons of an entire generation. And now, on the 15th anniversary of the franchise its creators, Chuck Lorre and Bill Pray , speak in an interview about their interest in having a return to the saga.


During the question session, they were told about the possible return, to which they both answered that they would be willing to bring back new adventures of the boys with Geek tastes. However, for now it would be something soon to have a meeting, so they would prefer to have more rest so that people begin to ask for special and make a lot of bustle.

This is what the Pray commented on the matter:

Would I like to stop in a stage somewhere and see those characters again? Yes absolutely. Can I imagine a way to do it? I do not can. But, personally, would I go on stage 25 and see that decoration, that costumes and those people? Yes, I get excited just to think about it. But I don’t know how we would do that.

For now, fans can relive their favorite episodes of The Big Bang Theory again and again through the seasons in HBO Max .

Way: EW

SBK 22: 4K gameplay on the Portimao circuit

Announced with great fanfare last month, SBK 22 marks over all the return of the franchise business after 10 years of absence. Amongst the components that have actually been validated, we can currently validate the return of the SBK champion, yet also from a career setting that we wish for total, as well as also the main 2022 Worldsbk championship providing the genuine weekend SBK with its superplages, tests as well as races. The release of SBK 22 is anticipated for September 15 on Computer, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One.

Destiny 2 mocks the return of op gun

Bungie has mocked the possible return of a popular destine 2 gun. The provocation occurred during the last blog post of Bungie, in which the developer spoke about a possible new seal of crucible. During this, the new PlayStation study seems to provoke the imminent return of Luna’s Howl, a legendary hand cannon. And when you consider the reputation of the weapon in crucible, and when you consider that it was previously blocked behind the demanding progression of crucible, it makes sense that you could return along with a new seal of crucible.

“In the short term, we have another title that will arrive at the crucible,” Bungie said through the aforementioned blog publication. “We know that he is screaming a little more information, but expect additional details about that when we get closer to next season.”

Not only is the use of “howls” is notable, but it was emphasized with italics. Without this emphasis, it could easily discard this as nothing more than speculation, but it is difficult to deny that it is a deliberate provocation of Luna’s Howl. That said, for now we can not confirm it, so take it all with tweezers.

Of course, if Bungie provides some additional suggestions or offers some kind of clarification, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. If it is a deliberate provocation, then it is certainly possible an additional provocation, but a provocation may be that all fanatics will get before it falls. Meanwhile, if this is not a mockery, then the fans can finish burned by their anticipation because, like most developers, Bungie does not comment or address speculation, especially when it comes to future content or lack of it.

Destination 2 is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more information about the Bungie looter and shooter, click here. As always, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. @Tyler_fischer_ and let me out there. Should Bungie bring back the moon howl? If you bring back the handy cannon, should I make it easier to get?

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