Stephen Kick, the CEO of Nightdive Studios, the developer of the remastered version of Quake , is interested in the remaster of the FPS Unreal released in 1998. I revealed it on my Twitter.

Kick responded to his Twitter, Why Unreal Engine is not used in Unreal. After the development of the remastered version of Quake, he reported that he had a project to remaster Unreal in the same way as Quake, with former Epic Games employee Cliff Bleszinski. I am. BLESZINSKI replied to the tweet, I can’t say anything due to legal issues.


Nightdive Studios, the remastered version of Quake, has been enhanced to the latest hardware and supports 4K resolution and wide screen. In addition, crossplay and add-on are also implemented. The day when the modern version of Unreal can be played may not be far away.