The Genshin Impact is always a reliable traveler-a favorite messenger Tayvat, who is often drawn to help non-game characters and nations in solving their problems. The game has various types of quests: from local quests to quests of events, plot quests, quests of archons and others. With such a large amount of amazing content covering these quests, a big question: is it possible to replay them?

Can Genshin Impact be replayed?

Unfortunately, * there is * there is no way to replay the quest after its completion . All Genshin Impact content is available in a linear temporary scale, following the actual travel of the traveler along Tayvat. As a result, even events that fall under a certain stage of the traveler’s travels are never repeated. In the same way, after the completion of any quest, there is no way to return to the past and repeat the events that have already occurred.

However, there is a way to listen to a dialogue for tasks of the archont as well as plot quests that you have already completed. Go to Paymon menu and select Archive Then click on travel magazine . Switch between the two tabs above to view all the archont and plot quests you performed, and listen to the replicas of all characters as much as you like.

Can you return to the quest domains in Genshin Impact?

Unfortunately, this is also impossible to return to the domains associated with the quest after leaving them. Therefore, if you missed any chest with treasures or a subject of collecting during a race, this loss cannot be replenished. The good thing is that all chests with quest domains are not counted in any achievement, so that there are nothing to worry about.

Check out our guidance on how to get all the chests with treasures in the quest domain of the incident in Genshin Impact-the head of Acer Palmatum so as not to miss a single chest in this quest!