The pack is finished by the Scottish Monday Evening Raw’s Feeling Doudrop, that makes her debut in the WWE 2K collection as well as brings Pure Power to the Female’s Division, while Rick Boogs went far for himself in his duty as a rock star when he was at the smackdown His guitar shreded.

With Doink The Clown, a fave of the followers makes his debut in the WWE 2K collection, which endangered the superstars in the ring with a mix of foolish jokes as well as expert deals with. It is much a lot more severe at Ronda Rousey, a previous mixed martial arts champ and also film and also TV star, the WWE rankings of which include the titles Raw Female’s Champion, Smackdown Female’s Champ and also champion of the 2022 Female’s Royal Rumble.


  • Various Adjustments to super star features
    When Using The Information Floor Tile to Browse The Video game, * Addressed Reported Concerns About Collisions Occurring
  • Addressed Reported Concerns Where Super Stars Got In the Royal Rumble in the Wrong Order

With the WWE 2K22 Clowning Around Load, which is readily available from today, the players can make you laugh and also cause the challengers to knock.


In the fourth DLC-Pack, Doink The Clown takes the stage, among one of the most vivid super stars in WWE background, gone along with by the Baddest Lady in the world Ronda Rousey and the Popkultur-icon Mr. T. Bulldog, Doudrop and Rick Boogs.

The Clowning Around Pack is readily available individually and additionally included in the DLC total package in the Season Pass, the Deluxe Edition and also the NWO 4-Life Digital Edition from WWE 2K22.

* Addressed the Ranges of Select Actions
* Numerous Adjustments to Address Improperly Assigned Relocate To Certain Super Stars
* Included Relocate To Numerous Move Groups
* Addressed Reported Concerns of the Ladder Falling Down During Ladder Matches
* Addressed Reported Concerns of Players Bending and also Appearing After A Suit Ends
* Addressed Reported Concerns of Tag Group Finishes as well as Assaults Not Happening Throughout Matches
* Addressed Reported Concerns of the Ai Not Doing their Operating Signature/Finisher Versus Corner-Seated Opponents
* Addressed the alignment on numerous computer animations to make sure that they Connect Better In-Game
* Changed the Damages of Numerous Transfer To Ensure the Correct Amount Was Being Applied to Challengers

Along with the DLC Load, the brand-new update 1.1.5 is currently offered on all systems, with which additional stability as well as equilibrium improvements have actually been made.

Update 1.1.5 Spot Notes

The British Bulldog is also WWE Hall of Famer as well as former WWE Intercontinental Champion, double European Champion, double Hardcore Champion as well as double day Team Champion.


All six super stars included their own ‘My Group’ Evo cards, which can be categorized in the ‘My Group’ gameplay.

The popular culture icon of the 80s, Mr. T, is recognized for its durability and also one-of-a-kind style-including gold chains, feather jewelry and also Iroquy cuts, and also has actually cemented his WWE Hall of Fame Condition when he was at the extremely initial wrestlemania with Hunk Hogan A group competed and also created versus Roddy Piper at Wrestlemania 2.

  • Enhanced Security Within Neighborhood Creations

  • Addressed Reported Concerns of Shirts Being Put in When Not meant
    When Editing And Enhancing CAS, * Addressed Reported Concerns of A Soft-Lock in the Game
    When Editing A Saved Video Clip On PS5, * Addressed Reported Concerns of Infinite Loading



  • Stability Improvements When Utilizing Customized Superstars