The Future of the Franchise program includes new missions, rewards and new players that can be earned. The program is full of selection sets, including a group of wonderful players Future of the Franchise from each division.

The future of the mission of the franchise program

The Future Franchise program translates game experience into progress, so regardless of which mode you play in, you will advance under the program. The program also has new daily moments for which you can earn 3000 XP every day. The program also has 30 selected software points, more than in any other program at the moment. Performing these moments, you can earn up to 30,000 XP.

Every week, new missions Legend and Memories will be released, which will give you the opportunity to earn a PXP with certain players to promote the program. Having earned T-shirts All-Star Lou Gehrig and Rockies City Connect in other programs, you can also get 25,000 XP. Along with all the missions, there is also a new conquest map, which has sets of rewards and the XP program.

Future Franchise Program Future

The program has 70 levels of awards, so that the players will unlock along the way. Here are awards that can be unlocked throughout the program.

* Set Choice of Memories and Legends-10 packages
The future of the franchise selection package *-18 packages
* Show-bundle-50 packs
* Ballin ’Is a Habit Pack-6 packages
* Set of choice for large dogs-3 packages
package Always intense choice *-1 package

The program will last until June 30 at 12:00 p.m. Pacific time, when the next program with new awards, missions and tests will be released. The Future of the Franchise program seems to be a big updating of the main programs, because it has much more awards and more ways to earn XP.

During the season, the MLB MLB: The Show 22 receives weekly updates in which player ratings are adjusted and Diamond Dynasty dynamic cards are changing. Every week, new stars of breakthrough and new moments from real life appear.

Additional MLB: The show can be found in the Best Future of the Franchise cards in MLB: The Show 22 in games for professionals.