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Ukraine demands PlayStation and Xbox to stop selling in Russia

Since a good week there has been in the Ukraine officially the war condition: Russia’s troops are invaded to the land, the population flees from destruction by tanks and soldiers. The NATO and many nations try to stay with all available means to stop Putin’s advance without weapons.

NATO already imposed some economic sanctions , but also in Ukraine, one tries to exert economic pressure on Russia to stop Putin’s behavior. Mykhailo Fedorov . Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, sees a chance in the entertainment industry and the digital media.

An open letter to all game developers

After he had already turned on Twitter to Mark Zuckerberg with regard to Facebook and Instagram as well as to Apple and Google, the Deputy Prime Minister now wrote Playstation and Xbox . He concrete that in the companies behind it, what happens in Ukraine currently in Ukraine and therefore asked you to set the sale immediately **.

Attached to the Tweet Fedorov also published an open letter in which he turned to all game developers and platforms for eSports. He is firmly convinced that Russia must meet where it hurts the most: in modern technologies. Of course, this also includes the video game industry.

_ “The armed troops and citizens defend the Ukraine to the end. The whole world depends on the attacker by imposing sanctions – the opponent must suffer significant losses. But we need your support – in 2022 modern technologies may be the best answer against tanks, rocket launchers and missiles. “_

_ “I’m sure you will […] do everything to protect Ukraine and Europe as well as ultimately the entire democratic world of these damned authoritarian raid – and I therefore appeal to you, all Russian and Belarussian accounts Temporarily blocking, temporarily blocking the participation of Russian and Belarusian teams and players at all international eSports events and cancel all international events that take place in Russia or Belarus. “_

As it looks, Fedorov hopes that these measures show effect within Russia and instigate the Russian people to stop Putin’s morses of war: _ “We are sure that such actions will motivate the citizens of Russia to proactively stop this critical military raid. _

Ukraine Wants Xbox and PlayStation to Cut Russia Off from Games - IGN Daily Fix

Many of the Ukrainian developer studios had already reported to the social media before Fedorov’s letter and condemn the war attributed by Putin. There were no opinion from Sony and Microsoft **, even on a request from Eurogamer, whether you want to distribute Gran Turismo 7 despite the current situation in Russia, you did not get an answer. It remains to be seen if and how the addressed companies respond to the letter and state of war.

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Hellmann: “Challenge a break from the idleness”

Just 1000 spectators were allowed to pursue the home game between Eintracht Frankfurt and Armenia Bielefeld (0: 2) in the stadium last Friday. Thus, the arena in the city forest was at 1.94 percent. In the long run, even for a club hounded before the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic, Club, as Eintracht Frankfurt is dangerous to exist. This is certainly valid for the other Hessian professional sports, which are even more relevant than the professional football of the revenue from the ticketing and the marketing of the sports facilities.

In order to achieve at least a 25-percent stadium and indoor use, Frankfurt’s CEO Axel Hellman, Darmstadt President Rudder Fitch and the Managing Director of the Handball Bundesliga HSG Regular Bjorn Sap, which is at the same time speaker of the community Team sport Hesse, in the name The Hessian Professional Clubs a letter to Prime Minister Buffer.

Mark Sober slammed a Bavarian way, we demand a Hessian way.

Axel Hellman

After a first protest letter, the trio had collided by video with Buffer last week. However, in the subsequent Prime Minister Conference, no national audience scheme for the professional sport was found. Now the Hessische Profiles demand a special way in the country.

We have written a letter to the Hessian Prime Minister Volker Buffer on the Hessian Prime Minister Volker Buffer and call for Hesse a witness of the nationwide nonstain. We demand a 25 percent utilization of the stadiums and halls, by the way, Buffer has proposed even at the last Prime Minister Conference, Mark Sober now hit a Bavarian way, we demand a Hessian way of reason, explains Hellman in conversation with the Prime Minister.

The CEO of Eintracht Frankfurt emphasizes: It can not be that for professional sports, especially for soccer, harder standards are considered for other social areas – and above all the Bundesliga has to pretend a policy capability that in Central areas did not act consistently and has not been able to rectify until today a decision in the vaccine question.

Demand for location-related viewing

In addition, the clubs demand prepare the systematic opening in certain scenarios. These opening concepts must be planned now, and not only when the Corona wave is flattened, says Hellman. He is expecting the focus to focus on local events: We have to take away from political policy resolutions and pure symbolic policy to a location-related viewing. You have to look at the framework conditions of each stadium and any hall: how does the arrival and departure run? Is that a hall with an access or are there 10, 12 or 15 inputs? Can you put people in the chessboard pattern or not? What is possible with the local health insurance offices with hygiene concepts?

While BVB-Boss Hans-Joachim Wake already announced these days to examine legal action, the responsible persons of the Hessian clubs so far rely exclusively on dialogue with politics to achieve their goals. We are still in a phase of dialogue with the Hessian state government. It would be good if we could move on the way of dialogue – and not on the legal – something for the sport, says Hellman.

Overview of the week: Silkroad, Metin2, Yu-GI

An overview prepared specifically for those users who do not visit us regularly, and who could miss some important event in the last week. You will find here a list of all prime minister, tests, updates, new classes, servers and other new products, which we witnessed between Monday and Sunday.

Monday (17 January):

Bulging Global – a preliminary registration began

MU Origin – Closure of servers

Draconian – New Morph with dragons

Tuesday (18 January):

Foxhole – strikes in the game

Microsoft buys Blizzard !!!

Battle knight – a new server

Silk road – a new server

Broken RANKS – downloaded game

Wednesday (19 January):

Yu-Hi-Oh Master Duel – Global Prime Minister game

Blade & Soul – New Update and New Specialization

Online TERM – Closure of a Japanese version

Thursday (January 20):

Fortnite – News, Return the iconic location

Blade & Soul Revolution – New Game class, Great Update

METIN2 – News in the game

Metin2 – the largest bot in the game was closed

Friday (January 21):

Shakes & Fidget – New International World

Jungian – New Update, New End-Game

Overprice – Global CBT start

Crowd – Third part of beta tests

Saturday (22 January):

Dauntless – News in the game

LA Tale – Awakening of classes

Sunday (23 January):

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