Not only to representatives of the IT industry, but also cystrofsmen must be delayed from the army. Such an initiative was the Federation of Computer Sports in Russia. This was reported to journalists by the President of the Federation Dmitry Smith.

According to him, a whole package of proposals for supporting virtual sports was developed to preserve talented gamers, which are now tremendous pressure and many are trying to lure abroad.

My 18x / Student Company FAILURE Army Special Forces Candidate

At the same time, it is not about complete exemption from military duty, but on a delay and further passage of service in a special company, when the time comes. According to the President of the Federation, in such a company, young people will be engaged in the area where the petty motor is important to bring the most benefit to the Motherland.

In addition, a proposal was launched on non-competitive selection to universities under the undergraduate programs and a specialist of those cybersports, which showed high results at international competitions.