Pokémon Legends: Areas still have a little over a week for launch, but unfortunately the game is now available. With the game in the hands of the players and Internet clamoring for each piece of information they can get their hands on, we wanted to bring together all the new Pokémon that appear in the region His. In this Pokémon Legends: Areas Each new Pokémon guide and forms will review what Pokémon are getting new developments, which Pokémon are getting iguanas forms and which have new special forms.

Will include images of the new Pokémon as circulating on the Internet, so if you do not want to spoil these developments and new Pokémon, now is the time to get away! As more information is revealed about the games, including the requirements of evolution, then we add.

Pokémon Legends: Areas Pokémon Hessian

Pokémon Legends: Areas Pokémon initial Hessian

Starting strong, we Hessian versions of the final evolution of each of the initial Pokémon.

  • Hessian Decided is a Plant / Fighting type
  • Explosion of Hessian is a fire type / ghost
  • Hessian Samurai is a type of water / dark

Other Pokémon Hessian (grouped by evolution)

  • Hessian Grow lithe is fiery type / rock
  • Casino Hispano is fiery type / rock
  • Hessian Volt orb is an electric type / grass
  • Hispano electrode is an electric type / grass
  • Fish Will of Hessian type is dark / poison
  • Hessian Sn easel is a type of poison / fight
  • Hessian Lillian is a Plant / Fighting type
  • Hessian Zora is a type Norman / ghost
  • Hessian Forward is a regular guy / ghost
  • Hispano Bavaria is a Psychic / Flying
  • Hessian Value is a type of ice / rock
  • Hessian Slight is a dragon type / steel
  • Hessian Good is a dragon type / steel
  • While not explicitly given the name Hessian, there is also a new Masculine (white stripe)

Pokémon Legends: New Pokémon Areas

While this list is considerably shorter, here you are the new Pokémon you’ll meet on your visit to His.

  • Flavor is a bug / rock type
    • This Pokémon is a new evolution for Scythe. Instead of the usual metallic sheen of its evolution Gen 2 Sailor, the Flavor we see this Pokémon leads to the Stone Age as he wields two axes of giant rock in each hand.
  • Overall type is dark / poison
    • This Pokémon is a new evolution for Hessian Sailfish. Not much difference here, but Over quill is larger and clearer.
  • astute is a type of poison / fight
    • This is a new development for Hessian Sn easel. This Pokémon is much higher than its previous shape and has sharp claws much more.
  • Ursula is a normal type / land
    • This is a new evolution of Ursa ring. While Ursa ring is known for the large ring on her belly, Ursula has an image of a full moon on her forehead.
  • Warder is a normal / psychic type
    • This is a new development for St antler.
  • Basculégion is a water / ghost type
    • This is an evolution of the Masculine (white stripe) that can come in red or blue variants according to its kind.

Several of the Pokémon listed above have come from Pokémon branched dependent evolutions exchanges to evolve. Pokémon Legends: Areas does not have multiplayer functionality for trading Pokémon, instead, it is likely that a commercial development is completed using the Linking Cord element. In the description it says A thread that exudes a mysterious energy that makes you feel a strange sense of connection. It is loved by certain Pokémon.

Pokémon Legends: Areas New Legendary Pokémon

The only completely new Pokémon we have is love . This new Pokémon is the fourth member of the Forces of Nature, also known as the Legendary Geniuses. The other members of this group are Tornados, Thunderous and Landlords Gen V. Enamors has Canada form where seems a genius mounted in a cloud, and its shape is represented as Thermal a turtle with a snake tail.

Pokémon Legends: Areas New forms of Pokémon

Although not explicitly the iguanas forms, Di alga and Polka you find yourself in this new adventure forms obtained when a certain element is used in them. These transformations are similar to the forms of Origin adopted Ky ogre and Groupon in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Sapphire Alpha. New forms of Di alga and Polka are known as the way of the Lord, which is related to the feudal theme of the game.

  • Activate DIAL GA (LORD) You need to use the Adamant Crystal, its description is the following when used in Di alga, this large gem and shiny of power and allows the Pokémon to change shape. Activate Polka (Lord) You need to use the Lustrous Globe, its description is the following when used in Polka, this large and bright orb overflow of power and allows the Pokémon to change shape». There is also a third element that seems to be used in the same Areas called Legend Plate, its description is as follows: A stone tablet imbued with the essence of all creation. When used in a certain Pokémon, it allows that Pokémon to obtain the power of all kinds that there. What do you think of these new Pokémon and its forms? What Pokémon are most excited to see in action? more Pokémon Legends: Areas Guides