You know my love for Zach Gage. Nope ? Spelltower , Typehift , Pocket-Run Pool , Good sudoku or, my bedside game, solitary flipflop ? It has been more than ten years that the guy charges my iphone of devilishly clever games and often designed with an insolent science of detail, even in the interfaces and the sound design. It is a regular at Pas aside: Take a concept or a type of game well known to reshuffle it and bring him a little twist which completely transforms the gaming experience. I therefore keep each of his movements eagerly and I have Obviously jumped on the App Store last week when I learned the release of Knotwords.

Knotwords Trailer

Once again, Zach combined with his friend Jack Schlesinger to concoct a gaming game which, in a sense, is perfectly part of the current zeitgeist, captured by Wordle and his countless declinations (we were doing The turn a month ago). In its main mode, Knotwords puts us in front of a small grid in the crossword or slam. It must of course fill it with words in English, but with a size constraint: said grid is divided into small blocks of (generally) three or four boxes imposing letters to use. It is therefore necessary to do a lot of mini sessions of Scrabble in your head to find the right combinations, knowing that the blocks in question are arranged in a deceitful, nested so that they allow to compose different words of the grid. It’s clear ? Bof?