Patch 9.2 is for the time being the big end of the rather weak WoW extension Shadowlands. Of course, many content is a matter of taste, but it can be kept that many of the features and decisions that the developers met before and during Shadowlands did not necessarily get well with the players. Patch 9.2 has changed partially. The Blizzard developers have made unusually many changes in the course of PATCH 9.2 and more than once thrown their ideas due to the player feedback over the pile. It came out an update that is much more positive from the broad mass than you could have guessed – or rather feared.

But why does patch 9.2 come up with many players? Of course, this has different reasons. Above all, Blizzard has just done a lot right. We have sought 5 features that patch 9.2 make a really good update and the blizzard is likely to be maintained.

No Grind More for Player Power

In the first place there would be something that the players have to get used to. The decoupling of the Player Power of many other content of the game – but above all, the decoupling from the endless call grind. That’s exactly what many players was the biggest weak point of patch 9.1 – weekly not ending wrinkles in Korthia.

In principle, this is also possible in Zereth Mortis – but the benefit is a completely different. More power for his character through hours of geshard? Funding. Instead, the ciphers of the first high play or various cosmetic rewards can be obtained.
In Korthia, our heroes had to endlessly Grinden. Source: features
Although there is Power Power in Zereth Mortis – for example, the second legendary \ – but playing the campaign, which is done in about half an hour a week. There are a few exceptions like the lasting Rune, but it’s hardly climbing and just saves you gold.

The protoform synthesis

Whereas Grind is important in Zereth Mortis, our second feature is: the protoform synthesis! Those both forging with whom you can make a whole zoo at different house and riding. But you need various resources and special templates that exist in the contents of the new patch. Thus, the hunters and collectors under the WoW players get another way to go to the hunt for great pets and mounts and no longer have to endlessly call or hope for drop-luck.

The developers have also built the feature beautifully into the remaining content. Thus, there are also various templates for the protoform synthesis, which are not simply randomly dropped by the bosses, but have to get on small puzzles or hidden away.
In the protoform synthesis goals, we can make Mounts and Pets yourself. Source: Blizzard
Others, for example, you get, for example, with a little luck, if you bother from a feast. But even throughout the rest of the zone, the recipes – whether of Rare-Mobs, special boxes or estimates. Anyone who wants to unlock everything in the Mount forge, who has to deal with all content of Zereth Mortis. Other things for which you had to grind a lot, you get now on other ways. And so point three leads us to the changes to the big treasury.

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