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5G midterm plan notice

SK Telecom started recruiting subscribers of the 5G midterm plan on the 5th, and KT is expected to launch a midterm plan as early as possible.

The discussion of the midterm plan, which began with the point that there is no consumer option between 10GB and 100GB of monthly data provided by the 5G plan, is expected to lead to a massive 5G plan reorganization between three telecommunications companies.

According to the government and the industry on the 8th, KT is considering a term for 30GB of data for 62,000 won a month after SK Telecom offers a plan to provide 24GB of data for 59,000 won per month.

SK Telecom and KT have sold 69,000 won for 10GB of monthly data and 69,000 won for 100GB and 110GB. The two companies set the middle between the two plans to 24GB and 30GB.

■ KT · LGU+ 30GB or more

SK Telecom designed a 24GB plan monthly, considering the average data usage of 99% users, excluding 1% of data traffic heavy users.

KT has prepared a plan to increase data provision by 25% while increasing 3,000 won per month than SK Telecom. The final monthly level may change through consultation with the government.

LG Uplus plans to launch a midterm plan by looking at KT’s final launch plan.

Compared to SK Telecom and KT, LG Uplus is noteworthy that the range of data provision for intermediate plans is widened. LG Uplus has a plan of 12GB for 55,000 won per month and 150GB for 75,000 won per month.

■ The likelihood of adjusting the existing plan is also increased

It is noteworthy that the discussion of intermediate plan planes may be transferred to monthly amounts to the monthly amount of the intermediate plan system according to KT and LG Uplus’s actions.

Until recently, the political sphere and consumer civic groups that the data provision of the midterm plan should be increased, but the plan design between the three telecommunications companies can lead to discussions on the monthly adjustment of the midterm plan.

If it is difficult to increase the amount of data provision in consideration of the existing plan design, it is possible to choose a choice to lower the monthly amount in response to the competitor plan.

Even if it is difficult to lower the monthly amount to prevent the average sales per subscriber, the midterm plan has the possibility of cannibalization and cannibalization.

On the other hand, there is also a prospect that such a reinstallment fight is not easy. In the industry, 5G telecommunications is still difficult to satisfy the expected return on investment, so it cannot be competitive in aggressive plans.

An official in the telecommunications industry said, The strategy of the plan for the three telecommunications companies to be sold in 5G is not very different.

The list of successes of Battletoads finally revealed

Name of success Description of achievements Points
Crapauds in a hole Finish Feed The Fantasy. ten
Cutaneous rash Finish the queen. ten
Parks and Recreational Violence Finish at Carn-Evil. ten
Enough to play Finish, that’s how it works. ten
Should have the pants first Full time for Plan B. 30
Entered, sawed, conquered Finish puzzled. 15
Disconnected Complete a hard ax to follow. 15
A medal test Complete the Pummel horse tests. 15

Jeff of a sled | Finish misunderstanding. | 30
We were provoked | Finish Spacebrawls. | 15
Learn the basics | Finish We Go High. | 15
Rue justice! | Complete street justice! | 15
Hiking with friends | Finish bigger than it seems. | 15
Most sought after Galaxy | Finish the most unwanted. | 15
A feeling of malaise mountain | Finish reaching the top. | 15
With friends like those… | Complete a rock and a difficult place. | 20
Restart of BattleToads | Complete emergency stations. | 40
In the third dimension | Use your language to reach a new aircraft. | 5
Breaker B-B-B-Block !! | Fracasse 50 enemy lock attempts. | 15
You are dead, you ding-dongs! | Abandon yourself to your sworn enemies. | 20
Season Two When? | Complete history in any difficulty. | 20
Battlemaniacs | Beat 100 enemies. | 20
Special effects | Use the 200 ‘toad capabilities. | 20
Powerful morphing | Finish 200 enemies with morphing attacks. | 20
Tested thoroughly | Destroy 50 enemies in spatial combat. | 20
It starts… | Get your first collection object. | 5
Scratching itch | Get all collectibles in a level. | ten
Make progress | Get a total of 25 collectibles. | 15
I started so I’ll finish | Get a total of 75 collectibles. | 30
Have you used a step-by-step procedure? | Get all the objects to be collected in the game! | 60
Three is the magic number | In 3P Co-op, the three ‘Toads attack the same enemy. | ten
Revive a classic | Revive another ‘toad during the game in cooperation. | ten
All the toads are not equal | Win a co-op participation price. | ten
Jeffortless | In 3P Co-op, all the “Toads” brow a rail at the same time. | ten
Hack-Door Manigans | Pirate a door in Co-op. | ten
Live and let driving | In 3P Co-op, stay alive with bike together – for 300 seconds! | 20
I can not touch it | In cooperation, finish Time for Plan B without taking a shot. | 20

Rare Revealed: Five Things You Didn't Know About Battletoads
To me, to you | In cooperation, create a combio of 100 strokes. | 20
Câlin de Crapaud! | Finish the game in difficulty “Battletoads”. | 30
Brawling… with style! | Win your first “S” rank thanks to a meeting. | 15
Straight student | Earn 20 ranks “A” through meetings. | 15
Dodgebrawl Champion | Complete a fight without suffering damage. | 5
Hey, it’s a rental! | Mark 75 quasi-accidents while driving a rented turbo bike. | 15
PhotoboMbed | Take the picture of an enemy when it is remotely warning. | 15
Be tight | Treat with your friends without restart. | 20
Take this, Axeman! | Find a way to keep the weapon of a champion jammed. | 5
Toad It Off & On Again | Repair your ship without restart. | ten
Purge | Escape from a topian in less than 4 minutes. | 20
Souvenirs | Support the Jercurian tourism industry. | 5
Deformed sense of humor | Find the “Warp Wall” by driving a Turbo bike. | ten
Give a lucky hand | Get a faultless victory in Toadshambo. | 5
Not just for holidays | Succeed a series of 15 safe strokes by destroying a totem. | 15
The code DLAA | Enter the DLA code. What could it be…? | 5
Blinking eyes and you will miss it | Overcome pink ocular globes during the time of Plan B. | ten
Strike the drop | Free fall of more than 10 meters by escaping a topian. | ten
Additional Credit | Look at the credits! You know you want it. | 5

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