The headlines around the FC Chelsea do not break off. Numerous sponsors, most recently Hyundai, have completed cooperation with the blues due to sanctions against still-owners Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea fear bankruptcy after heavy sanctions imposed upon Roman Abramovich

But it could get much worse, because it should even be the existence of the club on the game. As the Daily Mail reports, the next payments to players, coaches and supervisors of 28 million pounds (about 33.5 million euros) are reported on 1 April.

This can already be a problem for the blues, as it still has reserves, but the ongoing revenue from current transactions become less and less.

Among other things, it is forbidden Chelsea to sell day tickets and travel to away games may not cost more than 20,000 pounds.

Chelsea sports director Petr Cech said at _SKY Sports: _ “We are currently just day by day. That’s not our hands. The talks about whether we can end the season go on.”

Chelsea threaten nine points deduction

Currently, Chelsea gets only money from the TV contract of the Premier League as well as from the price allowances of UEFA and the English association FA for the results in the corresponding cup competitions.

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So in the club is already concerned with a point deduction of nine points due to insolvency. Should it actually come, the new entry into the Champions League would hardly be created. The players should also have already turned on lawyers to check which rights they will have in case of bankruptcy of the club.