What if the characters of the enthusiastic series appear as a longevity of the Three Kingdoms? On the 35th anniversary of the Ore Blood Series, the Three Kingdoms of the Three Kingdoms of the downtown special Kunio -gun was first released in Japan. In July of this year, it is expected to be launched in Korea under the name of ‘Yeolgyeolsemple’.

Arc Systems Works, which serves the game, released the gameplay on the 14th through the Play Expo Ruricon online broadcast.

The hyeolsemptes can be enjoyed in story mode with Kunio, the protagonist of the passionate series, which appears the story of the Three Kingdoms as Guan Yu. In addition, bonus mode, which focuses on belt scroll action elements, exists so you can follow the story of the Three Kingdoms in depth or simply enjoy with your friends.

Influencer Zeus and Long Panda were demonstrated together at the scene. The bonus mode, which deals with the eggs of the Hwang -gun, is implemented in a form that can check the actions of Ubi, Guan Yu, equipment, and four coaches.

The characters in the game are based on the enthusiastic series, and as well as the history of long -term Samo and Blue Dragon Wall, they fight with their fists instead of the same weapon. However, the character’s characteristics are implemented differently, so the equipment uses several weapons in the game, such as holding weapons and spinning round and round as if they were turning around.

Bonus stages are consisting of 10, and you can play alone, local multi or online up to four people. In story mode, on the other hand, unlike arcade -oriented games, various equipment can be collected and stats can be changed to grow longevity.

Meanwhile, on this day, director Sato Genji appeared as a video and answered the prepared questions.

Q. What are the characteristics of the zul -blooded triangle?

In the zul -blooded triangle, Kunio and familiar enthusiastic series characters appear as a longevity of the Three Kingdoms. In addition, users who know well about the Three Kingdoms series and users who do not know well were prepared to understand the story of the Three Kingdoms.

There is also an indispensable scheme in the Three Kingdoms series. The scheme can be used in various ways, such as attacking enemy characters in the screen, emerging items, and activating stage gimmicks.

Q. Can you enjoy the Three Kingdoms or the Old Blood Series?

We have prepared a bonus mode that can be broken in about an hour so that even those who are not familiar with. The bonus mode is composed of a simple game that images the classic belt scroll game and moves to the right and touches the enemies. Therefore, players who are not familiar with the passionate series or the Three Kingdoms can be easily enjoyed. In this mode, you can play up to four people, so you can play with your friends.

** Q. What did you consider when matching the Three Kingdoms and the enthusiastic series?

When I matched the voice actor and the character in the work, I was concerned about matching the characters that resemble each of the passionate series and the Three Kingdoms.

For example, the main character, Kunio, is a character who is very good at loyalty and is very good at fighting. After thinking about who the character would be, I set it to Guanwoo. Ubi’s Gorda thought that her friendly personality and a rough and rough character fits perfectly with Godai, who can’t dry.

Q. Korean gamers like difficult games, but is there any element to appeal?

In this work, more difficult modes will appear by clearing the game. In the game, there are four difficulty levels, and as the difficulty level goes up, it also contains elements of strong equipment. I hope Korean gamers who like difficult games will challenge the highest difficulty.

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Q. What if you say a word to users?

The 35th Anniversary Series The Great Blood Three Kingdoms is about to be released in July. The game was organized with content that can be enjoyed by those who know or do not know the passionate series or the Three Kingdoms. In addition, we have prepared a mode where you can enjoy your family and friends together.