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To the deployment of the March “Heart of Madness” update of New World

Sketched at the beginning of the month, March’s Mars of New World , “Heart of Madness”, will ultimately be deployed on _Live_MMORPG servers today from 14h ** (time of Paris). And if everything takes place as expected, the maintenance should last two hours before the recovery of the servers.

By then, the Amazon Games teams detail the content of the update in a long note of patch – which integrates moult bug fixes, adjustments and rebalancing. The update also obviously gives its share of new content, starting with the conclusion of the current narrative arc of the MMORPG and which gives its name to the update: the “heart of madness” is That of Isabella, which will be pursued in the mountain of the High Chaos via a series of quests, before confronting it in the new instance of the update, heart of the storm, designed for five players at least level 60, with equipment scores between 550 and 570.


Legends of Aeturnum: The history of Isabella

As we know, the update also unlocks a new weapon, Timbllon , with its two skill trees: control that allows to hinder the mobility of its targets to better align them with an end or remote end; or chaos articulated around zone attack. The studio adds a new series of legendary weapon quests.


NEW WORLD Trouble Overview

New World March Update - Heart of Madness LIVE!!!!! 8 A.M. Tomorrow! Get Ready!!!
At the same time, we also remember that Amazon Games teams wanted to value the open world of New World and encourage players to explore it. The update therefore incorporates a series of adjustments to make this universe more user-friendly and especially a series of activities before encourage exploration – by venturing on the island of Aeturnum, the players will be able to Being confronted with various events that may report rewards, such as discovering remarkable panoramas in the world of play, treasure research or unusual meetings.

The update will be available in the afternoon and already, the developer prepares the following . It is known that this summer, Amazon Games will offer an additional expedition posing the basics of new stories (Barnacles and Black Powder) and should deploy a group search tool for MMORPG dungeons.
In the fall, New World should be enriched by a new land to explore, the territory of Brimstone Sands that the developer presents as a vast desert country with new mechanics, an unprecedented instance and contents both PVE and PVP.

Benzema takes superstar in protection: “Who criticizes Messi, has no idea of football”

StrikerS tar Karim Benzema has protected himself protectively from Lionel Messi and the Argentine against criticism after changing to Paris Saint-Germain in protection.

Look, what he does in the square. Overall, you can not criticize such a player. Someone who criticizes Messi has no idea of ​​football, said the (attacker) of Real Madrid to Telephoto.

Messi has not been able to shine for his emotionally accompanied change from FC Barcelona to PSG as usual, at least in the league. There, the seven-time balloon-d’or winner is only at a gate and five templates in twelve missions.

In the Champions League it ran much better for Messi, in five games, he achieved five goals, including a double pack at 3: 2 home win against RB Leipzig.

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Benzema, which knows Messi from numerous Classics, firmly believes that the 34-year-old will leave his mark in his new club. Why should not he succeeds? It’s just a matter of acclimation, Benzema is convinced.

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