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Harajin Tinaris character design is found to be pako! Illustration drawn on Twitter

The new character Tinari of the open world RPG Harajin for PS5/PS4/PC/smartph1. It turned out that his character design draft was Pako (@pakosun), and it has been attracting big topics.

Pako is a popular illustrator that works on Arjuna and Edison in Fate/Grand Order, and the VTuber Group Holo Live ENGLISH graduates. He was also in charge of the 2022 New Year illustration of Harajin.

At around 18:40 on August 24, Pako posted on his Twitter, I made the original character design of Tinari-kun in Harajin ** and reported that I was in charge of character designer. He also posted Tinari’s drawn illustrations and surprised his fans.

In addition, Pako has successfully assigned Tinari safely, and is already one convex. He commented on what he worked on Tinari, saying, I am the most surprised, Harajin is a character design. increase.

Tinari is available at the event prayer, Deep Forest Tourer, which is being held until 18:59 on September 9.

How will the SpeedRuns be and not hit in Elden Ring? The problems posed by your open world

_ Speedrun_ is a practice that has been done, except that the conceptualization of this new work raises questions. In what format can it be compete in Elden Ring in the world of Speedruns or Non-Hit? We are trying to find answers and we are asking ourselves the various issues related to this new proposal.

Towards the appearance of Speedrun subcategories in Elden Ring?

Between the fights of heads with ashes, the torrent use and use magic or not, it is very possible that Speedrun subcategories appear in Elden Ring. Players can choose to be quieter, allowing head fights with ashes, or even using the spectral horse (particularly for dragons or Radahn). Then, it will be possible to see other people playing “clean” without this type of additions.

Therefore, to give everyone opportunity, it would be better to include categories. Except that the work of the moderators will be colossal, because in the lapse of a minute, a player can use ashes of invocation, beat a boss and follow as if nothing. Players will have to show white legs, which is illusory. However, the categories seem mandatory for Speedrunning in Elden Ring to be really possible.

Invoke ashes: A problem?

It is very possible that the Speedrunners use the invocation ash during their games. Except that these are not part of the tradition of Souls, which makes the game much simpler.

Invocation ash are also a way to have much safer fights, since it is possible to receive little or no damage from the bosses thanks to these invocations. Therefore, the rules of the Speedrun in Elden Ring will take into consideration these calls and so “will eliminate” so that the fight among all competitors is more interesting?

We are forced to point out that a Speedrunner who does not use ashes will be at a disadvantage against another player who uses them. What is at stake will not be the same. And in the end, the rules of the Souls would be followed.

The open world: An obstacle to Speedrunning?

The open world could be perceived as a problem for the Speedrun, since it is possible to flee from the opponents and many points of interest provided with bosses. Therefore, the question may arise, do competitors have to discover the whole map or will be exempt from certain secondary bosses?

The ancient souls are more “pasathles”, with a very concrete path to travel to know the rest of steps to follow. Here, with Elden Ring, we are free to take the path we want, because the open world allows it. Therefore, will it be necessary to trace a path so that the players are paired to compete?

For such a large game, the SpeedRuns tend to be content to reach the end of the game as quickly as possible, with the credits marking the finish line, without worrying about the number of bosses achieved or the elements collected. But it is not impossible for more ambitious categories with detailed criteria.

Even if it is locked, push through! The way to break through the keyed door without using the “Ding Light 2” lock pick

Dying Light - How To Locpick Hard and Very Hard Locks Easily!! Find Rare Loot & Weapons!
Open World Action RPG Ding Light 2 Stay Human ” ** The special breakthrough method of keyed door is attracting attention with overseas forum reddit increase.

Usually, you need to make familiar picking in the various games that change the correct answer little by little while changing the locked door with “Ding Light 2”. However, using the method reported in REDDIT, this process should be completely skipped. This method is “Bash” which is one of Pulkour Skills.

Originally “Bash” is a skill that repudes tackles into the dash. It is sufficiently powerful even if it is used for that purpose, but according to the REDDIT user LongJumping-OWL-2684, it is possible to open the door even if it is locked when used towards the door. If you try it actually, there was a door that does not open even with this method, but it was possible to open this in most cases.

In addition, as the REDDIT’s comment is reported well, the door to be opened in the quest during verification encountered a defect that the progress will stop when it was opened with this method. Although the game is resolved by rebooting the game, it may be used to keep the door that is not related to the quest to use this method until some action is made.

Pokemon legends: Arceus – all starters and developments

In entry-level guid E to Pokémon legends: Arceus is experiencing:

  • Which starters there are
  • Where the strengths and weaknesses of the Pokémon are
  • Which pocket monster suits you best to you

In Pokémon legends: Arceus you can let off steam in the new Hisui region. Before you can explore the new Open World , you must first select a starter Pokémon. As in any other game of the series, three cute pocket monsters are available to you. But what are the starters differing and which Pokémon is best suited to me?

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Pokémon legends: Arceus – What are Starter Pokémon?

In every new game of the main series you get to your adventure for your first Pokémon. This Pokémon is called “starter” as it is the first companion with which she starts in the game. Traditionally, three different Pokémon you have to choose from, all of which have a different types .

Types determine how strong or weak your Pokémon is against other types. The whole thing is based on a huge “ scissors, stone, paper ” concept. For example, fire types are weak against water-pokémon, but strong against the type “plant”.

Accordingly, starters have no all-rounders and must be supplemented by other Pokémon in the team. Starter Pokémon are nonetheless by above-average values ​​ and therefore form the core of your team. A special feature in the new game represent the last further developments. These new “HISUI forms” have additional a second type.

Starter Pokémon: Fiery

  • Type: Fire
  • Further developments: Level 17 -> Igelavar (Fire), Level 36 -> Tornupo (fire / mind)

Fiery is one of the most useful fire-Pokémon ever. Fiurigel and its further developments are characterized by a huge high speed (initiative) and a high special attack , which determines the strength of many attacks. The big problem with Fiurigel is the low KP value (power points), which indicates how much damage a Pokémon can plug in before it becomes unconscious.

As with all starters, the focus should be paid to the last stage of development. Tornupos in the Hisui region are both the fire and spirit type. As Ghost-Pokémon gives Tornupto access to a lot of strong attacks and has many immunities that make it strong against normal, fire, plant, ice, beetle, combat and poison pokémon. Unfortunately, Tornupo pulls the shorter against most legendary Pokémon, as many of them can use spirit attacks.

Starter Pokémon: Ottaro

  • Type: water
  • Further developments: Level 17 -> Zwauttronin (Water), Level 36 -> Admurai (water / fight)

Ottaro had his first appearance in Pokémon black & white. Already at that time, Ottaro situated his advancements for a good all-rounder , the offensive and defensive well dressed together. Ottaro’s last development, Admurai, also has a special Hisui shape that is both water type and inappropriate Pokémon.

How to Get ALL STARTER POKEMON in Pokemon Legends Arceus!

Admurai has almost identical values ​​in attack and special attack , which is a very good prerequisite for inappropriate types. Admurai does not have immunity to a particular type. Against grass, electricity, combat, beetle and fairy-pokémon, it attracts the shorter, for example, Admurai is particularly effective against fire, water, psycho-, unsilting, spirit and steel types. If you want a good all-rounder, you should therefore grab Ottaro.

Starter Pokémon: Bauz

  • Type: Plant / flight
  • Further Developments: Level 17 -> Arboretoss (Plant / Flight), Level 36 -> Silvarro (Plant / Fighting)

Bauz is the plant starter who celebrated his debut in Pokémon Sun & Moon. As the only starter-Pokémon, Bauz has two types, namely plant and flight, which is significantly better than his colleagues in the beginning. At the beginning, the values ​​of Bauz may still appear relatively balanced. The last further development (SilVarro), however, is particularly weak against normal attacks and only has little CP

The Hisui form of SilVarro has next to the plant type now also the types of fighting. That makes him weak to fire, ice, poison, flight and psycho and strong towards water, plant, electric, stone, floor and inappropriately. In summary, Silvarro has very good attack values, but also a lot of weaknesses that place him in our opinion behind Fiursel and Ottaro.

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