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Hogwarts Legacy: 9 important data announced about the game you surely missed

This week has been full of information about Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy. First, because they presented us with a new trailer in the heart of the forbidden forest and dark magic during Gamescom 2022, but also because the Deluxe and Collector editions of the game were revealed . In truth, it was all the month of August that allowed us to know much more about one of the most anticipated titles next year, especially with the announcement of its release date on February 10, 2023 .

In short, they spoiled us a lot, but he doesn’t stay there. If we start thinking, and seeing public ads, venturing a little more on the official site, the Tweets of the community administrator or even Reddit, we can find a gold mine of exclusive information. Below you will probably find things that you should have seen how potterheads but also some details that deserve your attention. Without further ado, we leave you 9 things that you may have lost this week.

The frequent questions of the site have changed completely.

After Gamescom, the frequent questions on the official site were renewed. The launch date section still says late 2022, an error due to carelessness, but many other responses have been added to provide additional information about Hogwarts Legacy. In short, this is what we learn most in these frequent questions:

The non-exhaustive list of classes and courses * to which they will attend:spell classes, defense against dark arts, botany and potions, during which they will know their teachers, will release spells, cultivate magical plants, they will elaborate Potions and more._ Of course, there will also be broom lessons, divination and probably care of magical creatures

* Progress In Hogwarts Legacy: You will have to go to Hogwarts classes to learn new things but also to access improvements, talents and skills. You will also have to face challenges to gain experience and develop skills, but also unlock magic team

Also on the official website, in the community tab, you can download a zip folder full of HD wallpapers for the game

increasingly powerful spells

Thanks to the recent trailer, it has been seen that we will have the opportunity to use Black magic and learn the curses unforgivable that are Avada Kedavra, Cruciatus and Imperium. But that is not all; Our character will obviously control immense power (in addition to his ancestral magic) and can learn spells such as evil fire found in the Jk Rowling saga and in the eighth film when Gregory Goyle used it in the room of the needy.

Extremely powerful, the poor Slytherin cannot control it and is also one of the only spells capable of destroying a Horrocrux **. Nothing is confirmed for the moment, it may simply be a fire taken to the maximum but still denotes immense magical power, but if we think it makes it more sense to be a spell.

A system of choice and morality?

As mentioned in frequent questions, Hogwarts Legacy will not include a morality system, But players can make many decisions in secondary missions and the main story to take the path that suits them. In summary, it will be possible to define who we are according to our responses to the dialogues and our reactions in the game. Would you prefer to be a good wizard or someone unpleasant? Do you want to learn black magic or not?

Currently, we do not know if our choices will greatly influence the story and its possible finals, as in The Witcher 3, for example, or if they will only influence our relationships with the characters, the acquired skills and the objects received.

Sebastian’s search is optional, like many others

A good point because it means that Hogwarts Legacy will have a good dose of Rejugability . Many players will probably want Black magic, go to the forbidden forest etc…), and those of other classmates such as Hufflepuff’s student lover of magical creatures or Natty, Gryffindor’s student, who helps you release a hypogrifer from the hands of poachers.

PC and weight configurations in GB

Thanks to the opening of advance orders in Steam, the required and recommended minimum configurations have been revealed. Of course, you will need a good computer to run the game without problems, but also a lot of space, since Hogwarts Legacy will weigh around 85 GB , 20 GB more than Elden Ring or GTA 5.

The exclusive gifts of the PlayStation version

Surely you’ve seen it pass. Many fans are angry because exclusive gifts to buy in PlayStation did not communicate before opening early orders. However, PS4 and PS5 versions are much more advantageous than on other platforms:

There is an exclusive PlayStation mission that will be available for all players who buy the game in PS4 or PS5 (physical or digital, standard, luxury or collection)
In addition, the recipe for the potion Felix Felicis will be available with the PlayStation version reservation

In short, two exclusive Sony gifts, but it is not there. Depending on the retailer, you can also benefit from other unique gifts, such as the hat on Amazon

What is the battle sand?

Among the gifts available for Deluxe and Collector editions, we find a cosmetic package of dark magic but also a dark magic battle sand. It is difficult to know what exactly, but some early orders sites have indicated that it is a place where players can test their domain of dark magic against waves of enemies . In summary, it will be an accessible place through the Men.

Are you required to log in to the official site of the magical world?

Previously called Pottermore, the official site of the magical world allows you to have your own account and complete questionnaires to know your home, your patronus or even your magic wand. Since the opening of Steam’s early orders, it is indicated on the English page that a connection to this site will be necessary to play Hogwarts Legacy. The Community Manager, on Twitter, denied this information, explaining that it would not be mandatory. But does this mean that it will be optional and that we can link our account so that our house and our patronus are the same in the game ?

Soon new information

Two remarkable events will soon have more information about Hogwarts Legacy:

September 1, 2022 *: This is a well known day forLos Potterheads,since it is the official beginning of the school year in Hogwarts. The event, every year, is called Back to Hogwarts and many activities are planned in London but also online. The official website has confirmed that new information about the game will be revealed.
Tokyo Game Show September 15, 2022: * On the official TGS website, we find Hogwarts Legacy between the list of associated titles. This does not mean that we will have a new trailer but of course we will have to be aware of this event in case.

And finally, here is additional information:

  • You can see some HD images of the creatures revealed in Hogwarts Legacy. We find a Norwegian with a crest, other dragons, dementores, inferi and spiders
  • The game was prohibited for sale in Russia even in the context of the war against Ukraine
  • It has also been prohibited in Turkey, but it will be resolved in a few days
  • The two main elements of the collector’s edition (the book and the wand above) are a reference to the magical world logo
  • Hogwarts Legacy is currently a sales success in Steam and the collector’s edition is already exhausted in most retailers
  • According to some sales sites, the switch version will be launched on March 23, 2023, but it can be a simple position marker

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