Recently, Nintendo announced that support is parked for the older consoles 3DS and Wii U. Because of this, the respective eShops are also closed – that now ensures a purchase rush of the fans.

Nintendo: Actually is enough time

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The 3DS and the Wii U have faithful services for many years, but the production was set before a while. Now the eShops should also be closed and the support will be terminated .

If you want to cover digital purchases, you now have a year for time. Only from the end of March 2023 you can not buy new games anymore , except you decide to physical specimens. These can continue to be installed and even purchased content is still available.

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Fans want to make sure

Many Nintendo fans have certainly completed with the old console generation and are not affected by the closure of the eShops. In some cases, however, it ensures that they spend neat money . On RedDit numerous purchases are shared with the community.

For fear, the prices could rise significantly in the next few years, the players also cover themselves with numerous physical games **. Especially titles from the Super Mario Universe seem to be high in the course. But other genres have landed in the shopping cart.

Some players have not given up hope yet and hope that Nintendo opposes the decision to close the eShops again. To achieve this, even was started a petition – the success will probably fail. (Source:

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