On June 13, Net Marble launched the global alpha tasting of the battle royal TPS Hypesquad . The period is until 2:00 am on June 21. Anyone can participate during the period.

Hyupsquad is an action battle game based on close combat. It is possible to complete your own action by combining a lot of weapons, enhanced with chips and braided tactics. The warriors who gathered will fight for Kariostro, a barrier connected to the true paradise. As a player character, it can be selected from various nationalities. Each has its own background and purpose, and characters with different individuality, such as a reliable assault squadron with a strong sense of justice, and an obsessive search soldier, appear.

In battle, two weapons can be equipped. There are melee weapons and long-range weapons, and you will fight strategically while changing according to the situation. The key to victory is how to master your own combination and use weapons. In addition, weapons can be ranked up by collecting multiple types of the same type. In addition, each weapon has its own skills, expanding the range of tactics. If you accumulate the gauge by defeating the enemy, you can also give a powerful special move.

The game will be played by a total of 60 people, a 20-group squad consisting of three people. A fierce battle is unfolded in the safe zone that gradually narrows. Obtain a strategic advantage in communication with your friends, and aim to survive to the end while reviving your fallen friends.

Hyupsquad has various items and upgrade chips that support battle. For example, in addition to recovery items, there are a variety of types, such as generating smoke aspects, teleporting in the direction you are watching, and mimicing objects. It is important to use support items in the best situations to neutralize enemies, occupy the base, or to strengthen the chips with the goods you have obtained by defeating enemies. There are many interaction objects on the map in the game. There are various ways to use it, such as moving quickly on the zip line, telling the strategic position, and escaping while disturbing the enemy on the jumping platform.

During the global alpha test period, you can play two game modes, a survival mode that fights with survival, and a occupation mode aiming to occupy the base. In survival mode, you can use a three-person squad match that can be played all over time and a solo match that can be played only at specific time. On the other hand, in occupation mode, only three squad matches can be used at specific time zones.

Hyupsquad is conducting a global alpha tasting until 2:00 am on June 21. You can participate by obtaining a demo version from Steam or getting a test participation code on the official website. All players who participated in the Alpha Test will receive a special vehicle skin α-board skin that can be used after the official service.