You can unlock Shape Of Love in Lost Ark only after detection Village Moqo . He has a time limit and three different places in a cake to visit. After each new investigation, the time limit is reset for a new time, so carefully follow the instructions.

Where is the “love form”, a hidden story?

first hidden history

Forest Suitwater – a place of action of the first part of this secret story. It is located on a floral flower field, west of the sweet fruit forest and south of the mountain trail. It is in front of a giant boot. Explore the cord of the lace. The timer begins with 10 minutes.

Second hidden history

You can find the second part of this in the Suitwater Forest. It will be east of the Farm Moqocho, south of the forest of sweet fruits and southeast of the fused flower field. You can find it in front of a gigantic pair of glasses. Explore the crack on the left side of the glasses. The timer will drop for 10 minutes.

Third Hidden History

You can find the third part of this secret story in Skyreach Steppe. It will be east of the Rocky Forest Hill, southeast of Pirate Post. Go along the river to the East until you reach the top of the waterfall. You should investigate the southern end of the river as soon as possible, where it meets with a rock, since this area will be kiece enemies.

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