[Cat Moon Young-soo] Rising Wings (CEO Kim Jung-hoon) started the pre-booking of the mobile game ‘Camping Cat Family’ on the 19th.

Camping Cat Family is a negative healing game that looks at a cat family spending a leisurely everyday life, such as camping and playing guitars.

The user must rebuild the camping ground for the abandoned cats found at the camping ground with a friend. Investing goods to install and upgrade camping equipment such as tents, camping cars, sea foods, tables, fishing grounds, and bonfires to decorate the camping ground. As the camping ground becomes abundant, new elements are added, such as increasing the interaction of cats and visiting rare animal guests.

In-game goods are automatically produced over time and accumulate automatically without playing the game. In addition, the more you decorate the camping ground, the more the output of the goods will increase, and you can acquire additional goods through various activities such as fishing and cooking.

Rising Wings’s Healing Game Development Team ‘Team Happy Paws’, which developed the Camping Cat Family, started the ‘Animal Lives Matter’ project for the coexistence of animals and humans in June and animal protection group We have signed a business agreement with Life, and based on this agreement, we will donate some of the proceeds from the camping cat family to life.

Choi Soo-young, a team of Happy Force PD, said, Camping Cat Family is a game like a break that can give modern people a break and comfort.

Meanwhile, Camping Cat Family is currently making a reservation at Google Play in Korea, and plans to make a pre-booking in the Apple App Store and overseas markets sequentially.