Fallout: New Vegas is a big game, probably the best of the franchise. The problem is that the game is unfinished in the literal and figurative sense. It was a rushed job with which Obsidian did his best, but did not have enough time to fully realize. Unlike many Bethesda games, mods feel less like an extra and more as a need to keep the game cool after a single passage, because everything in New Vegas is almost inextricably linked to the main quest. Almost all quests that seem to be optional for the first time are always linked to the main conflict in one way or another, with a few exceptions. Some are even mandatory; You can choose to do it off.

However, from this imperfect but incredible shell, many modders have created mods that bring the game closer to its more definitive version. Many corrected bugs and current plants or add additional content or even things that needed to be added but have never been completed. In any case, the simple improvement in quality of life to the necessary bug fixes and fun gameplay adjustments, here is the top New Vegas mods.

Fallout Script Starter New Vegas

If you want more, larger and more complex mods, you need the New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE). It’s only technically a mod because it looks more like a few more software modders used for the most complex new vegas mods, but deserves a place for how much it is omnipresent and how it improves the modding scene.

FNV 4 GB Patcher

Unfortunately, a necessary mod needed. New Vegas is an excellent game but precipitated and unstable. The 4GB patcher allows him to use more memory, increase the stability and reduce the script delay and plants due to memory overload, a problem that New Vegas shares with Skyrim where the swelling of the backup increases Over time (exponentially with the mods) until a given backup file is ultimately too large to be treated with the game.

New Vegas Anti Crash (NVAC)

Another necessary, this mod (NVAC), does what he says about tin. The game will plant less. Of course, this only reduces a specific type of crash (although it is common), but combined with the 4GB patch and the NVSE, you are in good shape.

NMC texture pack

Now that the game is more stable, why not improve its appearance? New Vegas is an old game and was not particularly a spectator at the time of his exit anyway. Given the limited time with which Obsidian had to work, it is understandable that they focused more on the gameplay than on the visuals, but the modders do not have such time constraints. Although I never plunge deeply into highly modified visuals for Bethesda games (I do not even use Enb), I appreciate a small upgrade after all these years. Nmcle Textures Pack is perfectly located between easy installation and large modifications of the visuals of the game. Take the game to vanilla Skyrim Levels is quite the realization, and seems pretty good for me. In addition, if you want more, it works well with most other mods of graphic redesign, as long as they do not replace the same textures, of course.

Revision of Fallout characters (FCO)

What are the consequences of the NMC texture pack on most textures, FCO makes the people of Mojave. Since you spend nearly 40% of this game to zoom on the faces of these people, it’s a very good idea to make sure you like what you are watching. Similar to the NMCTP, it stimulates New Vegas pretty much vanilla skyrim levels in terms of what each NPC (and your own character) looks like, which is perfectly tolerable for me.

Essential Visual Improvements of Eve

A last boost to the visuals, and we are ready to leave. This one (watch) mainly concerns the effects of weapons. Not the textures of the weapons themselves, but the impacts of bullets, the explosion textures, the lasers, the ashes and the piles of mud on the murder, and even the reactions of the characters to shoot. Given the lion’s share of the remaining 60% of this game, in addition to talking to people is to shoot them. This will make your experience more enjoyable if you like to see people get killed flashy, like seeing brief skeletal outlines of people who are caught by your Laser Reviews!

NEVADA project

All right, we are in fun now. NEVADA project is LE REFASE FOR NEW Vegas. It expands existing mechanisms (cybernetic implants available at the clinic, for example), adds a new cargo (such as the use of explosives to unlock doors and chests), and also works as a rebalancing of the game, making The more difficult fight and more valuable inventory space.

The best part about it? It is fully customizable. Each feature can be changed, enabled or disabled at will from its mod page. I do not like the reduced load capacity, so I go up, so I never have to worry about it again. You can speed up your travel speed, change the amount of health you get through endurance and leveling, and all that the mod key.

This is the only man I recommend to everyone to install because there are for all types of players. For a moment, it was the only New Vegas Mod that I never installed because it was already doing what I was looking for in other modified Bethesda games.

The SOMEGUY series

This is a master mod for all the companies and the MODS companies made by SomeGuy2000. The mods you install after yourself belong, but all are excellent. His quests and companions are fully played by the voice and are quite interesting on the plot of the plot after the first (New Vegas Bounties I is quite simple). It only improves both in the quality of voice, complexity and intrigue over time. It’s very fun to play from the beginning and see how mods evolve as it improves to create the quests.

New Vegas Uncut

As the SOMEGUY series, New Vegas Uncut is not a mod, but a collection. The purpose of this series of mods is to supplement and add content that was to be added to New Vegas, but has never been published, usually because of the lack of time from Obsidian. Weapons to whole quests, this series of nine mods adds a lot to the game that is all respectful of the traditions and could even be considered as of Canon content. The only one I do not recommend is Freeside Open. Although a very cool mod that interconnects all parts of freeside, so there are not so many loading screens to browse (similar to the mods Open Cities for the vieux parchments games), it is notoriously incompatible with many Other mods. Any mod that adds new quests, zones, certain objects or NPCs in freeside (which is a lot) breaks with freeside open in the mix. This includes a quest for the deepest New Vegas bounties I (mentioned above) and makes the quest impossible to finish without entering the mod files, scream the quest steps and use the console to advance the quest.

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Apart from that, however, they are worth a look.

Fallout: New California

New California is a huge mod of a dedicated and experienced mod team, some of which have already worked on Tale of Two Wastelands (mentioned below). In short, they know what they do, both in terms of work and around new vegas the limits and in terms of ensuring that things are respectful of traditions (if, of course, not canon).

The mod itself is a pre-set to new Vegas himself and has a fascinating story with tons of variety in the choice of players.

The only real disadvantage is its capricious nature; It is incompatible with many other mods (some parts of Project Nevada and all Tale of Two Wastelands, to begin with) and can be broken by the occasional use of the console controls.

But keep it at a relatively clean installation, and it will treat you correctly, providing hours of new content to an already vast game.

Mods of extended weapons (WMX)

This WMX Mod adds more weapon customization for existing weapons, and even adds some news. This is another man that I consider as almost official content. The author of the mod (Antistar) is the reason why the mods of weapons are new Vegas at all! He made a mod by adding arms mod kits to fallout 3, and Obsidian has so much liked the idea they have implemented them as the basic element of new Vegas. This makes this kind a third generation mod, a modification of a basic system based on an original mod, which is rather cool for me.

In addition, it significantly expands New Vegas’s limited weapon mods (there were only three by weapon if this, because some weapons were fully left out) and adds a lot of new varieties and options. to arms. Only three mods can still be added to a single weapon, therefore rather than adding the only three mods to a weapon and to call it fully equipped and never again touch it, there are real compromises to modify a weapon, because adding a mod means you take a cost of opportunity on another. This is not a big change, but it adds enough, and so that I sometimes forget that it is not part of the basic game, in the same way that I feel for the Nevada project.

Yukichigai unofficial patch

New Vegas is a buggy game. No fan will deny it. But fortunately, there are fixes. Many of them make New Vegas quite unique among the Bethesda games with active modding scenes. Bloc and skyrim, for example, have a large unofficial hotfix team that has been aware of correcting as many bugs as possible. New Vegas, perhaps properly, looked more like Wild West, a group of devoted individuals who solve the problems as they met them.

OUAIP is only one of the many New Vegas Fixes, but it’s my favorite for great reason: it is easily compatible with the last mod of this list. If you do not use the items below, then one of the other fixes will make you just about as well.

A tale of two fries

Recreate a previous game of the series in the latest version of the game engine is the Holy Grail of the Bethesda game modding. The vieux parchments series has experienced many very slow total conversion projects, from Morrowblivion to Skyblivion and Skywind (although Skyblivion has made great progress over the last year), and many others who have produced little results. years. Even the New Vegas Leisure in fallout 4 The engine has worn little fruit since its first revelation.

A two fried tale is the exception. They had a little easier: Fallout 3 and New Vegas use almost identical engines and assets, and they earned Bethesda’s permission to work on the project. This does not, however, underestimate their success; Connecting two games successfully (fallout 3 and new vegas in this case) in a huge and transparent game is not a slim task.

Always up to date is the way to play the game Fallout of the previous generation, in my opinion. Start in Vault 101 and head for the Mojave is very satisfactory, especially with its compatibility with some other mods (Project Nevada being the great star). You can always reverse too, although it becomes a bit odd in terms of narration.

This is an excellent ambitious mod and improves the two games by applying new vegas “new mechanics and more interesting benefits for fallout 3 gameplay, and enjoy an improved version of 3 while carrying many fun weapons and others articles of 3 as a result.

And that’s the list! Happy modding!