Mistake Japanese-style race game “NIPPON MARATHON” developer Onion Soup Interactive announced a new-made mini game collection “ PRESS A for Achievements “.

In this work, at least 50 varieties of stages such as cart race, fishing, archery, typing, photography, datem, monster capture, etc. The player must clear as many stages as possible before making full use of the A buttons.

  • More than 50 stages are provided, and each stage contains reference and omnage, humor.

  • Find more than 50 achievements hidden in the game.

  • Collect medals at each stage and record your own best on the carrier screen.

  • Using MOD Stone, the rules of the game will vary and become more interesting.

  • It is possible to compare the world, friends and scores in conjunction with the STeam scoreboard.

  • Character’s profile and MOD Stone can be compared in more detail as they are traversed with score scores.

  • Gift packs obtained by level up You can get new profile items and purchase items from the store using coins acquired in the game.

  • A dynamic soundtrack that changes the genre according to the stage and tempo of the game.

“Press A for Achievements” is scheduled to be shipped 2022 for Windows for Windows, “Press A for Achievements” says, “The Supplier, but the deeper, but the deeper.”