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Webzen, Seven-Eleven and Muorin 3 affiliate events

Webzen (Representative Kim Tae Young) prepared an affiliate event commemorating the launch of the new Mobile MMORPG ‘Muori (Mu Origin 3).

Devis Squer Event MuOnline Webzen season 16 part 2

We focus on the Affiliate Events of ‘Muorini 3’ and Convenience Store ‘Seven Eleven’ until Webzen is on the 31st.

The two companies are the “Muida” of the character brand ‘Webzen Friends’, “Jenny”, “Jimmy’,” Jenny ‘, “Jimmy’, ‘Khan’, and the ‘Kan’ character’s name,” Muorini 3 ” Presents the game item.

When you buy affiliate lunches at the convenience store in the whole country, you can get “10 resurrection 10” and ‘rare jewelry random packs’, and ‘Blue Dia 300’. If you type the scratch coupon number that was enclosed in the lunch box, the compensation is paid to the coupon tab, and the events when the volume is exhausted can be early.

Webzen is now actively collaborating with food and dining industry, including convenience store brand ‘Seven Eleven’, including convenience store brand ‘Seven Eleven’, including convenience store brand ‘Seven Eleven’, as well as a wide range of users.

In addition, Webzen continues to be a game event that allows you to enjoy the “Muorini 3” more fun.

First, I will open the ‘combat power race’ to start the strongest ‘Muorin 3’ to March 22. By selecting the top 30 combat power, the first place to present the prize ‘Apple iPad Pro’, and from the second to the second to the second, “Wings: Butterfly Wings (Permanent) and ‘Guard Jewelry’ and ‘Blue Dia’ give.

In addition, participating in the ‘Strong Guild Selection Competition’, according to Guild Ranking, ‘Road: Phantom Tiger (Duration),’ Majang ‘, and’ Majang ‘, and’ Level Achievement Event ‘, You can receive various growth items.

Netmarble, events in seven kinds of games

Net marble (Representative Won Young, Lee Sung Won) announced on the 25th that it will conduct a variety of events in seven kinds of games.

First, Mobile MMORPG will proceed with ‘2022 operate event’ by the end of February. Users can take advantage of the New Year coin that can be obtained through event missions to obtain a variety of compensations, such as’ Legendary Events’, new face decoration ‘liner’, and legendary class’

Mobile Battle Royal MMORPG will take a die from 27th to March 3, and Easy to relaxed and ‘Regular Quest Initialization Order’, I can do the roll and big hit or tax event. In addition, from the 29th to February 2, the Four Days of Lucky Box, which can acquire five gifts, such as ‘Highest Seven’ and ‘240 Level Equipment Box’, and until February 10, In the guild store, it shows a product that can be purchased with ‘129 Mansion’.

Emotional Adventure RPG offers a EXAMPLE Summon Coupon, a ‘Equipment Summon Coupon’ and a Costume Coupon ‘, The presentation item is different for each event period, and it is paid once when the connection is connected.

Mobile MMORPG holds an event that paid ‘Lucky Al’ when playing a game content such as a neglected field, growth dungeon, and raid until the 4-day inspection. If you collect a ‘good lucky’ as much as a specific number, you can achieve additional missions, and you can earn compensation such as ‘Equipment Summon Tickets’, ‘Jewelry Summon Tickets’, and ‘Special Ganglia’. You can also use ‘Legend Felix’, ‘Legendary’, ‘Content Ticket Box’, utilizing ‘Lucky Al’.

Mobile MMORPG will be happy to be from 28th to February 3. Proceed with the New Year’s Blade ‘event. Event period The abundant compensation such as ‘LR grade transformational Raven Slot Soul’, ‘Transformation of the Transformational Transducer Raven Slot Soul’, and the ‘Advanced Surgery Price’,

Mobile Casual Board Games is a 5,000 diamond and ‘Evolutionary Petite Elms’, and ‘Private Good Lucky Item’, and ‘Fishing Map’ and ‘Family Cooperation’ Saturdays provide new contents.

Online dance game is a ‘Various Life Harbor’, ‘Little Pocket Box’, ‘Lucky Muffins’,’ Capsule Machine – An event is performed to provide a pet ‘. Until February 3, we pay ‘Boys’ Box’ selection boxes and ‘Fishing Event’ through ‘Fishing Event’, and we present ‘event candy’ through lottery to users who have created new year wishes on the homepage bulletin board.

More information on net marble games can be found through the homepage.

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